“I hold before me the deal that the Sun can report of as glorious … I will not speak of its cost to you, the people of Britain. Please make the cheques out in dollars when you next see your GP.”

So it is likely that Theresa Mayhem will return from her trade talks with Trump with some magic beans of a headline, having left with nothing more than her special relationship with Trump and the NHS as her primary bargaining chip. Whilst we still don’t know what Brexit means, we have an inkling as to what it is going to cost us under the Tories … everything. Every and all publicly owned assets will be thrown overboard in the Tories desperate attempt to garner headlines to keep them in power. In effect, Britain is to be held hostage by the ‘threat’ of Leave voters.

Remember when the Tories sold the lie during the 2015 general election that Britain would kowtow to Scotland’s demands if Labour won the election in a coalition with the SNP, well Britain is now being dictated to by the phantom of incalcitrant Leave voters, who will accept nothing less than leaving the EU at any price. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

Britain is not a nation of fanatics and yet we are being led to believe that millions of us have a single overbearing desire to leave the EU and we are happy to pay any price for the privilege. What utter, if you’ll excuse my French, bollocks. NOBODY voted for what the Tories are doing, which bus had the slogan about giving away public assets to secure trade deals?

To this point I have been of the opinion that respecting the outcome of the referendum was an unfortunate aspect of living in a democracy but NO ONE voted for the vandalism that the Tories are perpetrating AND THEY KNOW IT. Leave voters are not getting what they voted for from the referendum. The racists and bigots are not getting to kick ‘darkies’ out of Britain and they are not going to stop new ones coming. So those morons are bang out of luck, sorry, but you’ve been had over. Those who voted to leave the EU because of wanting to break the control of foreigners over Britain that we hadn’t elected, get your vaseline ready, grab your ankles and cough. Britain is set to be dictated to by every foreign government on the planet. Those who thought we would be investing an extra £350million a week into the NHS (were there really any people who believed that?) have you seen the news since? So, tell me again, what have Leave voters achieved? I should point out that the Tories will be giving away the NHS and everything else before Britain has even left the EU, so Leave voters won’t necessarily even get to leave. Leave voters, you bought a big fat bag of nothing. Not your fault, you were hoodwinked by morons like Boris Johnson and opportunists like Michael Gove, and manipulated by the newspapers that put tits inside their front pages and newspapers that pay tits to write on all the rest of their pages. You were let down by your national broadcaster and the idiot sofa warmers who are still grinning inanely and taking their £100,000s salaries home.

The small number of people who are still so desperate to leave the EU under these conditions, despite all that we know, must be a very small number indeed. The majority of Leave voters are surely not so fanatical about it that they don’t see that they have been had over? But let’s say that 17 million people had a genuine desire to break the current ties with the EU, let’s say that those people have valid reasons for doing so and those reasons should be respected. I have no problem with that. We leave the EU, we stay, whatever. Just as the EU was not the problem in Britain before the 23rd June 2016, it is not the problem now. It is not the EU giving away the NHS or driving increasing numbers of people to foodbanks. The non fanatical Leave voters should realise that they have become a phantom that the Tories/UKIP are now using to force through all their worst policies and profiteering. The spectre of Leave voters is being used by our detritus press to justify stripping Britain of its wealth. Leave voters have become the bogeyman.

Does it not seem strange to Leave voters that all the measures that the Tories are being forced into taking because of you Leave voters all happen to perfectly align with all of the worst of Tory ideology of stripping public assets, of handing tax cuts to the rich, and slashing spending on the public? You call it taking back control, the Tories call it business as usual. You are paying the price and being used as the scapegoat.

Leave fanatics are desperate for no oversight, for no second referendum, because they know they would likely lose a second time round. I suspect that the odds are good that Leave would lose, I would vote Remain again, but I still don’t disagree with respecting the outcome of the first referendum. A cat was let out of the bag and there are not 17 million fanatics in Britain, which means a substantial part of our society are not happy with how things currently are. That’s a voice I feel we have to respect. The outcome of EU referendum has started events and has already cost Britain a great deal, we need a new relationship with our European neighbours and Britain needs to reform its politics, including the need for electoral reform. The Tories are not the party for the task, they are asset strippers, not nation builders. Theresa May will head to America and give the NHS away to secure positive sounding headlines so that she and her party can remain in power so that they can continue to strip Britain of its wealth. A Tory ‘brexit’ will break Britain.

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