Home truths are a bitter pill that we don’t want to swallow.

If people are angry or frustrated with Labour adopting their position over supporting the Tories’ bill to trigger Article 50 then, I’m sorry, there’s no way to sugar-coat this but you need to get yourself better informed about UK politics and better informed about internal Labour party politics. Unless the Tories treat the result from the referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU as advisory only then Labour have to deal with the result of the referendum as a fait accompli and that means respecting the result because the result will stand. People appear to want Labour to ignore the politics of the situation that they face and to cast a protest vote against the Tories bill but that would mean Labour taking an action that can affect nothing and ignores the votes of 17 million people. Such an expectation is politically naive and, besides, haven’t we had our fill of protest votes? Labour have nothing to gain by voting against the bill and if you think that Labour adopting the side of half the population who participated in the referendum is ‘opposition’ then you don’t understand that it takes more than that to provide effective opposition.

Britain needs a strong opposition and that is Labour under the current leadership. If you don’t believe that then you need to get yourself better informed. Inform yourself about the leadership wranglings within Labour since 2007. If you think that Labour would offer the British people a strong alternative to the Tories, under a leadership that usurps Labour’s current leadership then you are being misinformed.

The Empire Strikes Back: Labour’s Right, could I have it all wrong?

Few care about Labour’s internal party politics but it has a lot to answer for.

It’s not about Jeremy Corbyn, the membership that have swelled Labour’s ranks since he was given the mandate to lead the party have done so because of Labour providing a genuine opposition to the politics of the Tory government and they have acted as a vanguard against the re-rise of Labour’s failed experiment in social neoliberalism, New Labour. If the current leadership is unseated then it will signal a return to the failed experiment that Britain finally rejected in 2010.

If Britain wants to be the land that lives in servitude to Donald Trump’s special relationship then it will accept and participate in the undermining of the opposition. The only way a party as appalling as these Tories can stay in power is because the public are not prepared to challenge the traducing of the leader of the opposition or even challenge the narrative that somehow casts responsibility away from those vandalising this country. Triggering Article 50 is not the end of the road, it’s barely the start, and if you are thinking that you should oppose Labour, Remain or Leave, then you are signing an empty cheque for the Tories over the coming years. Do you REALLY think the LibDems will hold them to account?

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