George Osborne: If at first you don’t succeed then suck something else.

When did George Osborne start to suck?

George Osborne Drugs?

George Osborne has been appointed the new editor of the Evening Standard, which is a major coup for Mr Osborne, given his less than inspiring journey to his dream job. Rejected by the Times for their trainee scheme, Osborne worked briefly as a freelance writer for a gossip column for the Telegraph before leaping into Tory politics.

After a meteoric rise through the Tory ranks, Osborne doubled the UK debt, imposed an economy breaking ideology that starved Britain of investment during a period of the lowest possible borrowing rates, missed every single target he set himself as Chancellor, and was finally replaced with an even bigger dnommaH pilihP. It is fair to say that Osborne is the worst Chancellor in history, save one George Osborne Not The Worst Chancellor In HistoryI cannot report what Osborne’s salary will be for his role as Evening Standard Editor or what his predecessor earned but it is certainly reassuring to know that all those accusations of BBC bias towards the Tory government have absolutely no grounds and neither will the Standard. Phew!

With great risks come great rewards (and losses paid for by tax payers)

Since his disastrous turn at Chancellor, where his only success could be counted as his overseeing of doubling the wealth of Britain’s wealthiest 5%, Osborne has certainly been hoovering up the moolah for his own private fortune. Named the highest ‘earning’ MP in 2016, topping up his £75,000 MP salary with a further £628,000 from ‘public speaking’ engagements – nudge nudge wink wink, say no more… George Osborne say no moreGeorge Osborne, worst Chancellor ever not during war time with unarguably the worst financial record of anyone ever in history, has also been employed/used by the ‘world’s largest fund manager‘ Blackrock, presumably so they can do the exact opposite of anything he advises. Larry Fink, BlackRock’s founder and chief executive, acknowledging that Osborne possesses:

a unique and invaluable perspective on the issues that are shaping our world today

And nobody could argue with that.

George Osborne Can I help you with your groceries?

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