General Election 2018: What to expect.

With the Tories tripping over themselves with every step, Britain is heading for General Election 2018, my hope is that it will be in the Spring so that this country can begin the process of turning itself round from the disaster that the Tories have us headed towards. What do I see as the likely outcomes?

general election 2018

Labour will win a majority, taking seats from the Tories. It is my sincerest hope that we see many of the Tory faces associated with the current mess that they have created in this country lose their seats. Labour will form a majority government but not on 1997 levels. Politics in Britain has moved on since those days and it is unreasonable to think that for the General Election 2018, just because the Tories have utterly imploded, the electorate will grant another single party all their eggs.

I think the LibDems will have a resurgence at the polls and take many seats from the Tories. Labour will not be looking to form a coalition government but the LibDems could still be in a position to, rightly, argue that they represent a sizable political voice in Britain and should have influence. It is possible that the LibDems may overtake the SNP as Britain’s third largest party in Westminster but I think it won’t happen, unless the Tories completely collapse at the polls. Following the General Election 2018, I hope the LibDems find some new talent who can work as progressives, not watered down Tories.

The SNP probably won’t gain back the seats they lost to the Tories in the last election, they’ll almost certainly go to Labour or the LibDems, but I would hope that Scottish voters learn from the error of 2017s election and the subsequent Tory ‘brexit’ mess. general election 2018If the people want to count in Westminster then they need MPs fighting for Scotland’s interests.

The Greens will likely not have much of a change in fortunes but I hope I’m wrong about that. Many LibDem voters and moderate Conservative voters should consider voting Green. Conservative voters, especially, should recognise the lazy sense of privilege that infests politics when voters can be relied upon for a continuity of voting. The LibDems failed their voters from 2010-2015 and show no evidence that they’ve learned from their errors, the Tories have ransacked the Conservative party and needs entirely rebuilding or tearing down, cleared and nature permitted to reclaim. The Greens have run with good manifestos for past few elections and would make great supplementary partners to any progressive government.

And, what of the Conservatives for General Election 2018? They are an utterly corrupted party. Even the staunchest Conservative supporter surely cannot argue that the politics dominating their party now is what represents their values. Inevitably, regardless of their utter incompetence, the Conservative Party are likely to remain the second largest party in British politics after the General Election 2018. The arrogant, sleazy, self-serving, lazy privileged party of malicious austerity and ridiculous ‘brexit’. Their leadership show no signs of containing any actual political thinkers, just spivs who need to be humbled and, maybe, such humbling will permit actual Conservative political voices to rise within their party or they’ll continue to be dominated by the dross they currently have.

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