From the Third Way to Fourth Dimension politics.

In his time as leader of the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn has shown weakness. The ‘third way’ section of the party, who have been actively undermining Corbyn from day one and, in the process, inflicting immeasurable damage on Labour itself, has been permitted to continue to exist. Strong leadership would have isolated those involved and drummed them out of the party. Corbyn has, instead, tried to bring them within the fold. Labour MPs know who these people are and stood by while they have damaged the party. They stood by and waited for Corbyn to take the lead to crush those damaging the party. They have waited in vain. Now they side with those same people causing all the damage because they feel they have given Corbyn plenty of time to take the lead and he has not. They are supporting measures by the ‘third way’ to entrench themselves even further into Labour’s politics, despite their rejection by the electorate and the party membership, despite the fact that the ‘third way’ will make Labour a political non-entity for generations to come because they just can’t do 21st century politics.

Labour needs a leader who will take the party by their collective throats and throttle the life out of the ‘third way’. That is the sort of leadership that MPs, who stood by while their party was damaged by a decaying minority ideology, can respect. Politics is hardball and those most respected are those who play hardest with their balls.

Is it lunacy? Hell yes it’s lunacy.

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