From the jaws of victory, Labour’s usurpers seek defeat.

I wrote an article the other week, ostensibly to ask ‘liberal’ “guardian reader” voters who sneer at the current Labour leadership, to challenge their arrogant sense of entitlement and take a look at themselves and consider whether they could admit that they have been swept along on the SS Get Corbyn by people who had manipulated them and their ‘liberal’ sensibilities. Ironically, I received a reply that missed the entire point and, instead, used the moment of ‘reflection’ to lecture me (or whomever) about how they were correct and I was wrong. Not only did they miss the point of the article but misconstrued it as a piece that was venturing to understand why people like them don’t think like people like me. I wasn’t asking for those people to tell me why they think the way they do, I was asking them to reflect on that for themselves … because they are wrong.

Hundreds of thousands of people believe in the leadership alternative that Corbyn has brought to Labour but those people can’t have valid opinions, not compared to the sniffy voices that dominate our media. What we need is to be put straight by our betters. It couldn’t possibly be that our ‘betters’ might be the ones who got things so very wrong for so very long but can’t see beyond their own disproportionately represented opinions. When I talk about ‘guardian readers’ I’m really pointing the finger at those in the ‘liberal’ media circus, not really the general public who might get swept along.

The Tories are being crushed by the weight of their own incompetence, likely they will be the only British party in history that will have at least three different leaders act as Prime Minister between two successive elections. It is unquestionable that, had Labour insiders not been undermining the leadership from day one, had not attempted to bully Corbyn from leadership and launched their ridiculous ‘coup’ in 2016, and were acting as one now, the Tories would be crashing out of office and Labour would be taking over in government. That is all on that merry band of deranged fanatic fantasists who allude to power but lack a shred of competency. They¬† could not get one of their candidates elected Labour party leader in 2015, they could not successfully bully Jeremy Corbyn from leadership or orchestrate their leadership ‘coup’ in 2016 and their Copeland and Stoke-on-Trent by-election stunt flopped as well. Yet we’re meant to believe that it is Jeremy Corbyn who is incompetent.

All the while, our liberal guardian readers have chirruped along with the idiotic band of Labour usurpers, parroting about how rubbish Corbyn is, scoffing at his refusal to resign. Merrily trashing Britain’s opposition to this appalling Tory government. And now? Well, now, expect them to lay all the blame for Labour’s diminished public standing at the feet of the man they derided. If there is an early general election (and I pray that there is) this merry bunch will have a choice to make, grow up and admit their mistake or bullishly carry on and then get angry with Corbyn for not having resigned when they first started eroding Labour’s public standing. The public are being mugged off.

Just as David Cameron could have ended ‘brexit’ at any time by admitting that it was indeed, as Corbyn said, the Tories’ fault for all of the issues that the Leave campaign were blaming on the EU or he could have reiterated the ‘advisory’ nature of the referendum and thanked the public for advising him, our liberal guardian readers will be able to end the Tory reign of destruction or they can save face and bluster on rubbishing the current Labour leadership. I suspect we all know which they’ll choose. I can only pray that Scotland has its second Independence Referendum soon for a bolt away from the insanity of Westminster politics.

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