The Fragility of Theresa May

fragility of theresa mayLet’s not pretend Jeremy Corbyn’s relationship with Police has not found them, on occasion, on different sides of a front line but Corbyn has a history for standing up for issues, not hiding behind them. Police staff have been cut by almost 50,000 since 2010, with six of those years under Theresa May. But the impact of Tory cuts on the Police does not stop with direct cuts to the Police Force itself.

Cuts to mental health care have all but destroyed that provision and the burden of responsibility for those cuts has been shifted onto the Police. Despite repeated warnings, Theresa May refused to listen to senior Police, just as Amber Rudd has refused to listen since she assumed the position of Home Secretary.

Theresa May has demonstrated the ugly symptoms of a classic bully. As demonstrated by her cowardly refusal to debate Jeremy Corbyn during this election, May is a person defined by her fear. Theresa May did not view the warnings from senior Police as valuable contributions from far more experienced and knowledgeable peers, instead, May is so fragile that she saw them as a challenge that she had to appear to defeat.

The worry is that when such a person dwells for so long within a world of denial, as May does, they begin to lose connection with what way is up. Each press conference Theresa May gives ends in a series of questions from journalists that May steadfastly refuses to answer. We witnessed the same evasiveness during Prime Minister’s Questions during the last Parliament. Someone who spends so much time not facing reality is bound to become foggy over what truth and reality are when conducting their normal life.

When Britain faces some of its toughest questions, Britain needs answers and we need someone prepared to provide them, not someone so detached from reality that they couldn’t give a straight answer even if they were inclined to. Britain needs someone as Prime Minister who will stand up for us, not someone who hides behind their position, fears confrontation and, crucially, fears reality.

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