Few care about Labour’s internal party politics but it has a lot to answer for.

The hour approaches for a vote on triggering Article 50 and great efforts have been made to rewrite the narrative of Labour’s position on triggering it as one of confusion. It helps if those claiming that the narrative is confusing also set out to create the confusion and then report on it. Among my writings on it, I have had this to say: For Your Information: Labour’s Position On Triggering Article 50 Part Three and most who seem to have read it haven’t found it very confusing. Odd that I can provide some clarity but our traditional media cannot and odd that some Labour MPs don’t understand it or the wider political context that Labuor are operating within.

Does anyone really think that the fact Labour faces two by-elections in unsafe Labour seats where the local majority voted for Leave and the MPs who quit the seats had become increasingly unpopular, just at the time when Labour also has to face the vote for triggering Article 50 is a coincidence? What is the significance if Labour lose those two seats? Theresa May’s government become more entrenched. Whether the Tories win in Copeland or Stoke or UKIP or the LibDems, the Tory government will hold a stronger hand than they currently do.

So why would two Labour MPs choose the time they did to quit their seats for a high paid job in the nuclear industry and a £300,000 job approved by Theresa May? Very good question. Maybe there is something in their background that provides answers?

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For Labour’s ‘wreckers’ the name of the game hasn’t changed, take control of the Labour party and that means undermining the current leadership. The target now is Corbyn but it could be anyone (as it has been) if it means that the remnants of New Labour’s failed experiment aren’t in charge. But what have they done?

  1. Undermined the current leadership from day one, in turn undermining the general public’s view of Labour.
  2. At the time when the Tories were at their weakest, up to that point, they turned Labour in on itself and provided the Tories with a distraction.
  3. At every turn they have provided the media with ‘evidence’ of Labour’s turmoil, even though the only turmoil was because of Labour’s small clique of ‘wreckers’.

Effectively, a small band of entryists within Labour have conspired to undermine Britain’s opposition and, while they have been doing that, they have been a party to the Tories running Britain into the ground and giving away publicly owned assets, decimating the NHS and marching us away from membership of the EU without the remotest idea of a plan, and they haven’t stopped.

When Labour are attempting to secure amendments to the Tories bill for beginning the process of negotiating Britain’s relationship with Europe and face unsafe by-elections, why would a handful of Labour MPs choose this time to cause confusion over the leadership’s position?

At the time when Labour are trying to secure protection for us during the years that are to follow the Tories triggering Article 50, our merry band of New Labour fanatics view it as an opportunity to grasp at power. The Labour party has a reinvigorated membership and, as things stand, the only way for Labour’s usurpers to seize control is to turn the membership against the leadership. So we have two new narratives. The Labour leadership are responsible for ‘brexit’ and they are responsible for triggering Article 50. The Labour leadership want to deny Leave voters their democratic right by attempting to undermine, delay, stop ‘brexit’.

Copeland and Stoke have become ‘stress points’ for the Labour leadership. There is a very good chance Labour will lose both seats and, if that happens, Theresa May’s government will drag Britain even further down the road of Trump appeasement. Labour’s ‘wreckers’ consider it a price worth paying (primarily because they don’t have to pay it, the rest of us do). Expect yet another attempt to unseat the Labour leadership if Copeland and Stoke-on-Trent Central fall. All the while, the Tories continue their reign of ‘terror’ through incompetence and greed.

Britain needs an effective opposition, unencumbered by the arrogant and entitled detritus that currently dogs it. What can be done to turn things round for Labour? Win or lose in Copeland and Stoke, Labour need to clean house. I’ve spoken about it for a fair amount of time and the leadership have clearly tried to work with all factions of Labour but the upcoming by-elections really have to be a line in the sand. The usual faces dissenting over triggering Article 50 are either politically thick or have intentionally undermined Labour’s position. Either way, they are unfit to be politicians but it will be a matter for their CLPs to judge.

For the general public, if they understood what had been going on inside Labour they might wonder why Corbyn doesn’t just sack MPs or kick them out the party. Would that he could but Labour’s democratic structures mean that it’s not as simple as that and the leader of the party simply does not have the authority. It should be a good thing but it does lead to circumstances like we have faced within Labour since 2007. The public are frustrated that Labour are not being an effective opposition and they are being misdirected to aim their frustrations at the leadership. The public are right to be annoyed, to be frustrated, but they need to look to the influence of the press and work of the New Labour remnants for distracting Labour from being effective in opposition and infringing on their efforts to do so. But the public won’t probably believe that because, you know, from what they read/hear in the media, Jeremy Corbyn is just rubbish. Labour have been pressing for essential amendments to the Tory bill for triggering Article 50 but I bet most of the public don’t know what the amendments are but they’ll know that Labour MPs are going to ‘rebel’ against the leadership.

The Tories are to blame for the mess Britain is being subjected to but if the public want to know why they are not being opposed and they are looking at Corbyn then they’re looking in the wrong direction.

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