Do you support the current Labour leadership? Are you ears burning?

It hadn’t occurred to me until I made the mistake of watching some of the BBC’s Victoria Live this morning why supporters of the current Labour leadership had started to disparagingly be called Trots.

It’s the icepick.

More pertinently, it is the character assassinations that have constituted the bulk of the “plotters” campaign against the Labour leadership, the CLPs, and the party membership, in lieu of offering any other genuine opposition to Corbyn’s leadership.

It’s the “plotters” little joke; like the Tories ‘Long term economic plan’ has been their joke as they continued Thatcher’s plan against the taxpayers of this country.

Voters for the current leadership will have become more entrenched in their views that they are voting for the correct team to save Labour’s future after watching the continued shameful attempts to trot out the tired old dross that has been floating around the bowl of the farcical “coup” since the start. Any of the general public will have viewed proceedings (briefly, before switching over to the Olympic highlights) with mild confusion and a raised eyebrow. Like the detritus of the “coup”, the attacks against the current leadership on Victoria Live lacked any semblance of substance but were presented on a golden platter.

Naturally antisemitism was raised and, naturally, the fact that the majority of incidents related to antisemitism within Labour precede the current leadership’s tenure was not mentioned. Likewise, when Smith stated that he had been endorsed by the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) there was no clarification that this is an organization affiliated to Labour, not an endorsement by all Labour’s Jewish members. I don’t know the number of members of JLM or how many of them participated in the decision to endorse Smith and certainly wouldn’t know anything at all about it from Victoria Live. When Smith trotted out that he had had JLM’s endorsement the presenter made a point of noting that sighs had come from one section of the assembled audience but she did not take a moment to ask them why they were sighing, you know, like a journalist might. Instead, Smith was allowed time to say that he didn’t think antisemitism was a sighing matter.


Disingenuous is probably the politest word I can think of to accurately describe Owen Smith and he is precisely the type of politician that people around the world are sick and tired of.

I’ve said before that what Brexit has shown, what the Labour “coup” has shown, is that we have a lot of politicians who lack the capabilities to function in the modern political world. We can probably blame their ineffectualness on our country lacking a suitable framework for training and educating people to become politicians, so they can have that on us, but, as times have changed, so must politicians.

We are maybe at a crossroads, we can choose to permit things to continue as they are and we will eventually wind up with a British Donald Trump in charge or we can change course and have a conversation about how to have better political representation.

I prefer the latter choice.

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