Distracted by burning £20 notes, the public ignoring the plight of increasing homelessness.

Some idiot student at Cambridge university thought it a jolly wheeze to burn a £20 note in front of a homeless person. Where do you start?

  1. The homeless person probably didn’t care about them burning the money, it wasn’t their money being burned.
  2. It is likely that the homeless person was more concerned that they might become a victim of a violent attack, possibly even worried that they might be set fire to.
  3. Unremarkably, the student is reported to have been the ‘communications officer’ for the Cambridge University Conservative Association and has since been asked to resign.
  4. With an eye towards a future career in Tory politics and, following in the Bullingdon Club footsteps of David Cameron, Boris Johnson, George Osborne et al, burning £20 may have seemed preferential to a swine love in. Just one big guffaw.

The pathetic ‘stunt’ by a socially inept child should not distract from the very real dangers faced by the homeless. The callous treatment by moronic thugs will be written off as hi-jinx but violence against the homeless is on the rise and such incidents only go to underline their vulnerability. It is probably the callous disregard that makes the homeless so vulnerable and the population is increasing.

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