Corbyn’s Labour Leadership: Standing up for Britain alongside 100,000s of members

Labour risks dying on the vine. For too long it has been clear that the faction corrupting Labour from within for the past three leaderships has influence far beyond its support within the party and it is equally clear that the PLP are incapable or disinclined to do anything about it. The primary way of tackling the parasites within Corbyn’s Labour will be shining the light of public scrutiny on them. Name those MPs involved, name the organisations operating parallel to the party.

I fear that that will not happen. I fear that those who have compromised the Labour Party are bedded so deeply within its structures that it is impossible to ferret them out. If that is the case then Labour will die as democratic socialist political party.

…but, the membership that have reinvigorated the party and are offering the resistance right now should not concede it to those wrecking it. My other fear is that we will see the wreckers making moves to isolate the membership from the party entirely and, if that happens, the party will be dead as a genuine political force. A further fear is that that is the intention of those funding the wrecking. Either wealthy donors can get their political egos stroked by the hirelings that they’ve bought and paid for or their sense of entitlement will only be sated with the ruination of the party that they now believe they bought in the 1990s.

It feels as if I’ve talked about it ceaselessly since the parasites in Labour triggered their ill-considered, party-destructive, and failed coup last year.

corbyn's labour

Labour’s membership should hold their ground, come what may, and stand with the current leadership. The current leadership should hold their ground, come what may, and continue fulfilling their twice received mandate. I have said before that Corbyn’s Labour leadership will not be judged by the elections it wins but by the state of the party that his leadership bestows upon the following leadership. Corbyn inherited Labour’s ‘wreckers’, its parasites, and, where Brown and Miliband failed, Corbyn continues to endeavor to succeed.

As things stand, Corbyn’s Labour has a situation not enjoyed by Brown or Miliband, it has a leadership supported by 100,000s of members who, if steadfast, will not concede Labour to those who have corrupted it. I have said before that the current leadership require time and the membership can provide that time. It is why Labour’s parasites have acted with such haste in their pursuit of usurping Labour’s democracy.

British politics is in the toilet from decades of domination by minority interests and it is time for the British public to be represented by those people who we pay so much to. Britain has been betrayed by the Tories, repeatedly over the years, and Britain requires a new kind of politics to ensure it never happens again.

At the time when British democracy is under fire, Britain needs the genuine opposition offered by the current Labour leadership.

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