Corbyn to bring the house down and the real work begins after conference.

Rumours abound that there are plans afoot to keep the main hall at conference half empty for Corbyn’s speech today. After trying to run a story about searches to leave the Labour party being the highest Labour searches on Google prior to the result of the leadership voting, this could be the next drip in the drip drip drip of ‘Corbyn isn’t popular’ narrative. Once again, easily destroyed by journalism. Why would the most popularly supported leader in Labour’s recent history not be able to fill the hall, how has that come about, what’s going on? Those would be the starting point of any actual journalist’s questioning but we know that there’s little journalism around these days.

So, if it goes ahead then expect the “reporting” to include comparisons with Tom Watson’s standing ovation and rapturous support of Tony Blair yesterday, expect side by side footage of the hall and withering commentary asking whether Corbyn’s support is waning in that pathetic Scottish brogue.

The amazing this is that those behind it think anyone would actually care. Yes, it keeps the process of undermining Corbyn going but the public do not actually care. You can probably rely on the main media outlets to continue lying to their readers/listeners/viewers and, that being the case, the true message will be got out bypassing them. If we can get the message out successfully it will do two things, get Labour elected and destroy the media outlets once the public cotton on to the depths to which they have been lied to. Imagine what happened with the News of the World but to every newspaper currently indulging in the “war” on Corbyn, every “news” team in broadcasting (from senior editors down). All the commercial outlets can be hit by withdrawn support of advertisers and non-commercial outlets will be forced to change in response to public humiliation and a threat to their public charter.

The scale of the anti-Corbyn politico-media hysteria is becoming quite impressive. They seem to be reaching a point when they will disappear into a self-created vortex of black despair because, as long as Corbyn continues to honour his mandate, they look ever more redundant. They’ll have two choices, keep bashing Corbyn and look increasingly ridiculous as he continues as leader and genuine public support begins to carry the message beyond them or start to ignore Corbyn and Labour’s internal political fighting. We may see senior editors replaced because they have clearly set their stall out to ‘get Corbyn’ and will not let it go.

I remember a tweet from some Westminster hack boasting of his colleague having ended the run of a Tory leadership contender. Genuine pride from the hack, revealing their self-delusion as king-makers. So often faux outrage screams from the front pages about public figures but the actual public couldn’t care less, so often self-satisfied commentators hit home with zinger but only other politico-media types are impressed. They exist in their own cramped Westminster-centric bubble but 21st Century politics is expanding to encompass the entire country.

As for Corbyn and today, either ensure people can gain access to the hall or, given the massive number of people who will want to hear him speak, take the speech outside and address the crowds. Not too tough. More importantly will be what happens after conference, ironing out the few wrinkles that have been created over the past couple of days, taking some firm leadership decisions to set straight breaches of procedures etc. Apply a firm hand, undo the work of petulant children and then continue the process of building towards a Labour government.

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