Conservative Truth: For when the truth just isn’t flexible enough and simply not going to cut it…

The revelation within the last couple of days that the Tories ‘Help to Buy’ ISA is not, as was sold to the 500,000+ people who bought into it, a means to help those struggling to find the money for a deposit on their first time home purchase but just another scheme to facilitate the transfer of wealth from taxpayers to those who are already financially comfortable. What a shocker. Equally shocking is that it was sold by the then Chancellor of the Exchequer, George ‘The Truth’ Osborne, and makes up a small part of his extensive legacy as arguably the worst Chancellor of the Exchequer in living memory.

Just like all of the Brexit ‘truths’ that have subsequently turned out to be anything but, just like David Cameron’s repeated insistences that he and his nearest family had not benefited and do not benefit from tax avoidance, just like the Tory accounts of their 2015 general election spending, the Tories have a special relationship with the truth. It is understandable. You can’t do what the Tories enjoy doing to tax payers if you are encumbered by the truth as the rest of us would recognise it.

Rather than being shocked at the “shock” “revelation” that the Tory’s ‘Help to Buy’ is just another stitch up, I am more shocked that people are shocked. Just as the Tories’ core principles (or whatever passes for principles for the Tories) include transfer of wealth to the wealthy by any means necessary and possible, tax cuts for the wealthy, and cuts to spending on the general public, they lie to us. They lie to us on an industrial scale and they rely on the complicit, compromising and corrupting relationships with the media to smooth things over for them. There’s nothing shocking or particularly revelatory about that.

The Daily Telegraph has referred to the ‘Help to Buy’ scheme as “technically useless”, which is probably the best and most succinct summary of George Osborne that you could hope to find, without resorting to rather fruitier language.

Needless to say, Conservative Truth is not the preserve of the Tories and we have seen many examples of it from those agitators of the “coup” within Labour. Print the lie on the front page and print the retraction buried within the depths and surrounded by the shipping forecast. Best yet, lie with insinuation and inference and target the lie at a specific person while naming nobody. Did anyone see any of the mock outrage at Shami Chakrabarti’s peerage nomination include a direct accusation that, if not true, could have been met with a libel case? No, of course not. Conservative Truth at work, keep ’em peeled for it.

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