The Conservative Sham Finally Exposed

Theresa May went to the country with a request for a mandate to lead Britain into the brexit negotiations and beyond and Britain rejected her. The only option for the Conservative party, in response to that rejection, was for Theresa May to resign on Friday and for the Conservatives to install an interim leader to form a minority government or coalition. That’s it. That was the Conservative party’s ONLY option. So why is Theresa May still leading her party and why is she still Prime Minister?

conservative sham

The Conservative party do not have anyone within their ranks who can replace Theresa May. Not because there are not people who could campaign better than Theresa May or who do not have sufficient support within the Conservative party to assume leadership. The Conservatives are riven within their party over brexit and, on Thursday, a deciding percentage of Britain rejected their fundamental politics. The writing was on the wall when Theresa May was permitted to take the party leadership. There were no people within the Conservative party considered preferable to bear the poisoned chalice of walking Britain through brexit. History will look back at this period of the Tory party and find that they are intellectually and strategically the weakest that they have ever been.

The Conservatives are a party so compromised by the complicit relationship they enjoy with the media that they have indulged their personal self-advancement and have abandoned any pretense at governing in the interests of the British public. They will be desperate for Theresa May to be singularly identified as the problem with their party but people should be under no illusion that the Conservative party, as a whole, is incapable of government and utterly corrupted. So devoid of genuine political nous, the Tories have committed the desperate act of forming a coalition with the DUP, a party as abhorrent and so at odds with British values to be unconscionable.

In short, the Conservative party are unfit to govern and, in their current state, unfit to represent the interests of even Conservative voters. They were weakened by infighting while out of government and then returned to Downing Street as a sham that the media have covered up. They have no majority within Parliament and the only political party that will work with them are the DUP. Britain deserves better.

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