Conditions are so bad in Tory Britain, having driven wages so low and the cost of living so high, that pensioners are now better off than working families.

Isn’t it strange that our media have not drawn the same headlines from the same basic facts?

Latest group in the Tories’ cross-hairs are pensioners. It wasn’t so long ago it was the EU that was the cause of all our woes in Britain and, of course, immigrants, and doctors (junior at first and then GPs and then anyone in the NHS really), and transport workers and anyone else standing up for themselves and demanding fair wages and working conditions. We’ve been told to hate all these people and blame them for our poor economy and living conditions. Oh, and people with disabilities, they’ve been to blame for our financial struggles, and anyone in receipt of any kind of social benefits. We’ve even had programs made for the TV to cast shadows over the ‘scroungers’ and ‘cheats’. Teachers, who could forget teachers or student nurses, all of them should be brought low to save the economy. And students generally, no more free ride, squeeze them dry. Hate them all and blame them all … them, over there, blame them.

So we blamed them and stood idly by as the Tories have hit swathes of our society with their oppressive pogrom of Austerity and we voted to leave the EU because we wrongly blamed the EU and immigrants for forcing the Tories to be so harsh; even while the richest in our society doubled their wealth in the same period and the Tories trebled the national debt, so were clearly still spending vast sums of money, now owed by Britain, just not on us.

And now pensioners are in the frame. The ‘triple lock’ on pensions is to go. No longer will our idle grey population be permitted to sit on their workshy backsides while hardworking families have to struggle. Pensions and benefits for the elderly MUST COME DOWN!?! LOAFERS!

But fear not. The Tories don’t plan on attacking their own elderly relatives because, you see, they are all part of the 5% who have been sucking this country dry (you know, all that debt that the Tories have built up hasn’t just been floating up into the ether, it’s been flowing into bank accounts, offshore). If you are wealthy and old then you will remain fine. The pensions of politicians will remain secure. Odd that, through rounds and rounds of Austerity cuts MP salaries and benefits, including pensions, haven’t been touched apart from increasing them. Plus, MPs have the benefit of living in the houses that we have bought for them. Nice.

And just in case you started getting any fancy notions about getting the Tories out of government then look at who is leading the opposition. Fear them, hate them, blame them too. All the same people telling you to blame disabled people and student nurses and GPs tell you to blame Jeremy Corbyn. All the same people in the Labour party who told you that Austerity was necessary and that attacking benefit recipients was necessary are the same ones who tell you how useless and dangerous Corbyn is. Remember what this guy tweeted the day after Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of Labour:

I wonder what that guy went on to do.

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