Comprehensive coverage in the media … don’t be a ninny.

We have a conservative (small ‘c’) media; well, the majority of it least ways. Writers for most of the ‘media’ owe their loyalties only to their pay cheques because they wish to remain employed and their employers are organs for the egos of their billionaire owners. I don’t expect much from content producers in newspapers or magazines, they’ll reflect whatever bias that particular organ is running with, whether that be leaving the EU, castigating unions, castigating unions between same sex partners, castigating Jeremy Corbyn, or preferring Intel over AMD or a half nelson over a damnedifiknow. My point is, writers will gravitate towards organs for all kinds of reasons and sometimes it is a happy marriage between the bile that particular organ is famed for and the bile a writer wants to write and times it will be a marriage of convenience to pay the rent.

However, as Britain’s sole public service broadcaster, the BBC should be held to a standard. If you peruse the Sun or the Daily Mail and don’t know you’re being lied at then more fool you … if the BBC exercises an ‘establishment’ bias, a bias towards the status quo, a bias towards government, then I think the public can be excused thinking they are receiving fair and balanced reporting, even as they are being bent over and asked to touch their toes in the shower.

For some time viewers of BBC’s Question Time have lamented at the clear anti Labour bias framing discussions and were dismissed as tin foil hat wearing conspiracy loons … then one of their producers was revealed as a supporter of Britain First, a far right group, and there were suggestions that this producer had approached far right members to participate in BBC Question Time audiences. Do a quick google search and you won’t find any BBC coverage.

The BBC’s senior political editor, Laura Kuenssberg, has come in for much criticism for perceived bias in her reporting, with public discontentment raised to such a point that an online petition was started to challenge the BBC having such bias in such a senior role, representing the BBC’s political viewpoint. Again, such complaints were dismissed as the ravings of a loony toon minority … and again substantiated. DO a quick google search about the petition and you will find stories about the reasons given for removing the petition against Kuenssberg but none that tackle the actual allegations of the petition.

My view of someone like Kuenssberg is that she has been hired to do a job at the BBC and she is doing the job she has been hired to do. I do not know Laura Kuenssberg’s political biases but should a presenter filling the role of senior political editor be producing content with such clear biases? No. Either Ms Kuenssberg is incapable of keeping her own bias out of her content creation or is being directed to create biased content and I lack the evidence to say which is in play. Should the BBC be broadcasting such clearly biased content? No, absolutely not. If it is part of the media’s JOB to be hostile to politicians then it is the BBC’s JOB to serve the public interest and provide comprehensive coverage. Something currently clearly lacking.

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