Vote Yes: Someone needs to put Toryism into the ground

scottish self-determination

There appears to be some confusion over the issue of Scottish Independence and whether they should vote Yes.

  1. Scottish people want English opinions; they don’t. Scotland want to make an independent choice, that’s the whole point. Scotland will vote Yes.
  2. Scotland will vote No if you just repeat the same lies that were told during the first referendum, they won’t. Scotland have a wonderful piece of hindsight with which to reflect upon and, unlike the rest of the UK, Scotland have an option they can exercise if they have no blind desire to go down with the sinking ship of Britain under the stewardship of a Tory government that is, with every stroke of its ‘brexit’ pen, proving the warnings of the original Yes campaign. Scotland will vote Yes.
  3. Project Fear 2.0 is remotely credible. It really is not. You know the horse has bolted on that one, you know, because the alternative that is being threatened is already taking place because of the Tory ‘brexit’. Scotland will vote Yes.

vote yes

Scotland will vote Yes, get used to the idea.

Scotland will not vote NO unless remaining attached to Britain means being a part of a genuinely reformed political landscape. Yes warned that Britain is the subject to corrupted Westminster politics, politics compromised by an ‘establishment’ of interwoven relationships between politics and the media who act in the interests of a cabal of self-interested, self-aggrandising, self-referential individuals. In short, British politics does not work. You have to look no further than the disaster of ‘brexit’ to see that British politics does not work.

The Tories wrong-footed themselves into ‘brexit’ and, rather than admit their error, they have attempted to exploit the situation to their own advantage and, with most things that start out of control and badly, it is a situation that has run away from them. At a time when Britain should have pulled together, what should have been a perfect example of how British politics could work together in the interests of the public, the Tories have excluded everyone outside of their small cadre (a cadre that includes the owners and editors of Right wing rags). The parasitical nature of Tory ideology is too dominant and they are killing their host; it is all they could ever do.

It will not be No a second time.

vote yes

So Scotland will vote Yes. Not because they are raving nationalists but because it is the pragmatic thing to do. England’s flirtation with the ideology driving the Tories is not done, Copeland proved that. And don’t be fooled to think you can reinstate New Labour into the leadership of Labour, vote them into power and think Scotland will  be fooled that Red Tories are better than Blue Tories because we’ve done that dance before as well. Scotland are done with Tories of all colours, Blue, Red or Yellow (it has escaped no ones attention that the Lib Dems have become a Tory overflow funded by the same money that funds Labour’s parasites).

vote yes

The same cabal that have thrown the weight of their ‘establishment’ against unseating the current Labour leadership are the same cabal that Scotland will vote Yes to say No to. If the current Labour leadership falls then Britain will truly have no opposition and Scotland will have no reason to vote No. Just as the parasitical Tories cannot get out of their own way in driving their ‘brexit’ forward, no matter the damage to Britain, it is the same parasitical ideology driving the ‘establishment’ who are so threatened by a Corbyn led Labour government.

It is a lesson that England are slow to learn but Scottish Independence may help to focus English voters on the corruption of Westminster politics. So Scotland will vote Yes and, in time, England might vote No to their current parasites.

Keep believing what the media tells you about Corbyn, they’ve been telling you the opposite about the Tories and look where that’s got us.