Entitlement of The Establishment: Another week and the tiresome campaign against Labour’s democracy continues in predictable fashion.

So, here we are again again, the redundant intellect of Labour’s Turd Way embarrassing themselves while they trip over their dropped britches in their attempts to earn their master’s silver. Such a fear of democracy of the people for the people by the people. Corbyn being trashed for speaking at an anti-racism event. Corbyn facing accusations of being the Grinch and ending Christmas. Corbyn accused of not paying for his mivvi with the exact change. It has been a ceaseless campaign of mudslinging, with little direction or success. At some point the general public will come to realise that what they’re witnessing is the political equivalent of a monkey flinging its own excrement about; the muck that you see airborne belongs to those throwing it, not its intended target.

The media are, of course, in on the act. The BBC gets Labour’s rejects on to uncritically discuss their ‘concerns’ in concerned tones and you can’t help but be reminded of the attempts to cynically character assassinate the likes of Bill Clinton by the neocons when he stood in their way back in the 90s. Like Labour’s current rejects, their beef with Clinton was fueled far more by not being seated at the pride of place at the top table than any ideological standpoint. Entitlement cuts far deeper than any sort of political ideology and to be overlooked stings. The neocons won their places back on the top table and what came in the wake of Clinton? Entitlement asks a high price.

You know what, the more they try to undermine Corbyn the more they create the impression that they fear that the cupboard is bare for them if he takes over. We currently have a society controlled by the 5% to benefit the 5%, they take a patrician’s view that they are the best placed to decide the best for the rest of us and the fact that they run society in a way that also happens to profit them is just a pleasant coincidence. They operate under the guise that they have the insight to best govern, that their breeding places them in a unique position, gifted by centuries of inherited authority but they are little more than self-aggrandising spivs on the make. We would recognise them as the sorts who would otherwise occupy the committees for the worst kind of golf clubs or neighborhood watch; small, narrow minded people who are a throwback to mythical time of Empire and the Commonwealth in its darkest days.

In truth, they are the inheritors of the sort of self-delusion that leads people to believe that not only does society need an ‘elite’ to stand separate from the people and to lead/rule them but that they are that elite. Which is very convenient for them; imagine if they believed that the people could govern themselves or that they did need an ‘elite’ but that they did not personify that elite or that ‘elite’ could come from the people. It’s not a new problem. Those who have benefited from cumulative socioeconomic advantage have often found themselves sidelined by societies and they’ve often agitated to take back their ‘rightful’ places in control but they’ve never made a success of being in control (hence the sidelining).

Maybe we both have lessons to learn from that. Societies need better structures for governance and to ward off the self-appointed ‘elites’. Some form of capping cumulative socioeconomic advantage would seem to be necessary or some way of neutralising it. For all of technological advancements we have clearly not really evolved our social structures all that far or maybe we have but better structures haven’t been robust enough to contend against arcane structures like those working against the people in Britain and the US. Maybe the pace of change is just very slow. The vote to leave the EU should be grasped as an opportunity for Britain to take a step back and take a long hard look at itself. 21st Century Reformation for beyond.