The New Project: Britain’s Opposition: Resistance is coming in from the cold.

So, I actually have a lot of plates spinning at the moment but one I want to get underway is a book exploring Britain’s current opposition and how it is being corrupted and compromised by the interests of our politico-media ‘establishment’. We have had a weekend of planted stories and mainstream ‘fake’ news, all of which just serves those who wish to undermine any opposition to their interests and their propaganda masquerading as ‘journalism’, ‘reporting’ and ‘news’ is writing the narrative for Britain’s opposition. Politics is not about Right and Left anymore but the interests of our über privileged caste versus the best interests of the rest of us in our society.

I want to write my book because there is a counter narrative that needs to get into the public domain and I feel I can provide an accessible version of it but I fully accept that a lone voice like mine will make little impact against the sort of industrialised war of words we witnessed this past weekend. Britain’s opposition is fighting conflict within and fighting off corruption from without but we are a large community that are the opposition and we have a far greater collective voice. Books like mine could be a pebble that causes ripples and our community could start lifting the curtain for the wider public through many of them. [insert David and Goliath metaphor] We know for sure that there will be a general election in 2020 (there may be a snap one even sooner with the way Theresa May is heading for dispossession of the Tory leadership) and Labour can demonstrate their capabilities to lead Britain’s opposition.

If people feel it’s worthwhile and want to support me in my writing then that would be great. Reading and ‘recommending’ articles I publish on medium at is one way to raise the profile of those issues, hopefully promoting them to a wider audience. Sharing the articles to other social media like groups on Facebook also really helps increase their audience. If people want to assist financially then supporting me through Patreon at would be equally amazing. And if people wanted to assist me financially and help to potentially raise these issues with a wider audience, buying my current book through Amazon on kindle or paperback would be phenomenal. Amazon are the main retailer of ebooks so, raising my existing book in the kindle charts would help it to appear in searches of more ‘casual’ political readers, spreading the word.

The intention for my new book project, provisionally titled ‘Britain’s Opposition: Resistance is coming in from the cold.’ is that it will be around 60,000–80,000 words. What I want to achieve is a pocket-sized reader that charts the undermining of opposition to the vested interests of our most privileged ‘class’. It isn’t about Labour and Conservative politics or Right and Left, it is about the politics that the wealthiest in society have used their wealth to buy versus society. For all their failings and faults, New Labour, by chance or design, broke down that distinction, only to sell Labour out to the interests of the wealthiest in society. The Labour that has been reclaimed by its membership are now leading the opposition. I want to write that in a, hopefully, engaging and entertaining book that provokes people. I’d like to work on it full-time, hence this outline including some self-promotion. I have not made any approaches to publishers, I expect the title will be self-published through Rogue’s Gallery Books, possibly through a kickstarter campaign, but I am ruling nothing out.