The Fall of CCHQ: The shredders are running and the last chopper is on the roof.

Just as Britain has suffered a tragedy that has likely killed hundreds of people, the current Tory leadership of the Conservative Party are attempting to control the public impact of the deaths by not releasing figures for tenants at the Grenfell Tower and the expected death toll. At the same time, the Tory leadership are looking to push through property sales through in prime London real estate currently held within the NHS portfolio. Properties that were clearly earmarked as plunder before the election.

For the Conservatives, we are witnessing the British equivalent of the last days of Louis XVI or, more accurately the fall of Saigon, with the corrupt Tory leadership having all but destroyed the Conservative party and a displaying a desperate attempt to claw hold of power long enough to steal what they can and shred the evidence and hide the bodies. The media are not telling the tale, just as they have missed so much of the events of our recent history and been forced to confront their abject failure in the aftermath.

The Wednesday Britain will witness Parliament presented with a potentially famous or infamous vote. The Tory Fall of Saigon

Theresa May should have resigned or had a deal to form a government on the 13th June, she did neither yet has remained in power none the less. The Tory leadership have been whipping their MPs, supposedly to defend Britain from a Corbyn led government but, in reality, the corrupt leadership are fighting a desperate battle to keep their hooks in power for long enough to finalise the remaining lucrative thefts of British assets and to cover for their crimes. The question is not whether Conservative MPs are prepared to ‘risk’ a Corbyn led government but whether they are prepared to place their names alongside the criminals leading their party.

Conservative MPs should be under no illusion, the truth will out. The grubby leadership of spivs, shills, and hucksters will not be able to hide their crimes. The real question is not whether Britain is at risk from a potential Corbyn led government but whether Conservative MPs are prepared to risk the very future of their party if their criminal leadership are endorsed on Wednesday. It is not just the matter of a rejected prime minister squatting in Number 10, the entire Conservative party leadership have betrayed Conservative voters and the British public at large and it will be a betrayal that will be exposed and it will crush the Conservative party into non existence.

Just as the only action that could have saved the Conservatives before the 8th June would have been to have sacked Theresa May, the only thing that will save the Conservative party now will be Conservative MPs assuming a moral high ground and rejecting the Tory leadership that the British public have already rejected. If the Conservative Party is to have a leader that can redeem the party, clear out the parasites once and for all and raise the party up, they will come from those Conservative MPs who vote against the Tory leadership on Wednesday.