Queen’s speech shenanigans: Tories sneaking what past us?

The Queen’s speech has landed and it is considered one of the most threadbare in modern history but that is not to say that there aren’t things to raise eyebrows.queen's speech quackers

queen's speech selloff

This is the adoption of the Naylor Review recommendations and proposed sell off of the NHS.

queen's speech schools

Though overt commitment to grammar school expansion has been dropped, the Tories have left the door open for a loose interpretation of ‘good school’. the reapportioning of funding to pay for grammars and a return to selection.

queen's speech work

These improvements will no doubt include the already stipulated ‘increased flexibility’ of zero hours contracts. The NLW replacing the Minimum Wage has led to a steep rise in zero hours contracts and ‘self-employment’, both of which have contributed to millions of people earning lower than the NLW in real terms. I expect that to continue, including the NLW becoming voluntary for employers, to aid the ‘flexibility’ of the  ‘modern workplace’.

Queen's speech abuse

No one has done more to turn the clock back on help for sufferers of domestic violence and abuse than the Tories.

queen's speech scumtmpQueen's speech scumtmaqueen's speech refugequeen's speech metersThe Tories propose to use around £11billion of taxpayers money to install smart meters for the energy industry so that the energy industry can more efficiently control your energy supply. It is unclear when personal savings from energy bills will pay back the £11billion taxpayer investment on behalf of energy companies.

queen's speech data

The Tories have been desperate to take control of our access to information on the internet .

queen's speech internet2

Continuation of the Tory obsession about controlling British people’s access to information on the internet and Tory attacks on our human rights.

queen's speech insurance

In essence, the Tories want to introduce legislation to aid insurance companies to deny claimants and to reduce payouts.

While some may feel that the Tories Maleficent Manifesto of 2017 has bitten the dust, people should be under no illusions that the Tories are still attempting to introduce some of the most draconian measures via the backdoor in this Queen’s speech and I doubt I’ve highlighted all the risks.

Never trust a Tory.