Can the people of Britain walk our country back from the precipice that the criminally incompetent Tories are trying to usher us over? If so, how?

It is very clear that a large percentage of people in Britain consider the outcome of the EU Referendum to be nothing short of vandalism, enacted by right wing politicians and encouraged by a baying media, but the result is a democratic reflection of a sizable voice in this country and must not be ignored. Just as Britain had not asked for the EU Referendum, Britain has not asked for the Tories to lead Britain’s negotiation after the result. What is clear is that we have a collapse in British democracy and have a sitting government with no mandate but no means by which to remove them, save insurrection. British politics has long been in decline and our current hapless government is the terminal conclusion. If the people of Britain have voiced to take back control … how do we start?

There’s the obvious upcoming Witney by-election, where the current questionable Tory majority can be chipped away at if enough constituents see sense and vote to hand over David Cameron’s old seat to an alternative party or independent candidate. That would be a start and the message it would send would be pretty meteoric; the swing required is enormous but never impossible. The Tory vote in 2015 was 43% of the constituency, so it would take a large turnout from all eligible voters and a swing of around 10%.

The sole Conservative seat in Scotland and the eleven in Wales amount to the Conservative majority. Essentially, the people in those Scottish and Welsh seats could wipe out the Tory majority on their own. Again, the question to answer would be ‘how’?

Investigations into Tory election fraud might begin to conclude and we could see any number of the nearly 30 Tory MPs implicated faced with losing their seats and the Tories faced with dozens of further by-elections. However, such sanctions against the implicated MPs are considered unlikely.

More extreme action can be taken by Tory MPs themselves. It is hard to imagine many Conservative MPs taking such a stand but Conservative moderates could decide to take the bull by the horn and either resign the Tory whip and act as an independent or they could choose to cross the floor. Would a dozen Conservatives be prepared to put Britain ahead of their party? Would a dozen Conservative moderates be prepared to form part of a coalition government with a remit for reforming British politics and to reform Britain’s relationships within Europe?

That Britain must reform its membership of the EU is clear but the Tories are currently trying to push the cart before the horse to distract from their appalling governance. For Britain to declare Article 50 from the position of weakness of having such a corrupted and incompetent government spells disaster for Britain. Proceeding into negotiations when most of the issues that British people want fixed are actually corrections to our own failing government will leave Britain with a threadbare deal that will deliver chaos for decades to come. If we have learned one thing since 2010, the Tories will be negotiating from a position of trying to save their own political skins, not out of the best interests of Britain.

If we permit the Tories to proceed, Britain will pay the price for generations.

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