Can Labour’s Cappuccino moderates join the fight to save Labour or will they abandon it to Granita socialism?

In the matter of a couple of days we have seen two major events which should challenge the narrative surrounding the Labour leadership fracas.

Firstly, we have Momentum Kids, a proposed initiative to provide some childcare for parents who are involved in the Labour movement but who are probably restricted over how much involvement they can have due to having kids. An initiative proposed by a couple of mothers who felt that their experience was probably common and so believed it would be good for lots of people like single parents to be more involved in politics; voices that are almost certainly currently underrepresented. The politico-media establishment kicked into hysterical overdrive (or their normal behavior) and traduced the idea with comparisons to the Hitler Youth, Nazi indoctrination cultism, even child abuse.

The second event was the coordinated showing of, not one but two, documentaries to slate Corbyn and the Momentum group on Channel 4 and the BBC. Despite their best efforts, nothing of any merit was revealed and the audience was left with no substance to support the inferred nefarious nature of the “Hard Left” takeover of Labour. Just like the prearranged Victoria Live moment where undecided Labour voters were meant to walk to Owen Smith’s side of the debate but, instead, chose to give their support to Jeremy Corbyn, last night’s 6 months of undercover reporting was an enormous own goal.

The Tory media are more than happy to dip their wick in the salacious backstabbing of the Labour party leader; it’s meat and potatoes for them to have lap dogs within Labour feeding them quotable diatribes and grist with which to hack at the Labour party, especially when the Tories have veered so far into incompetence that they have almost certainly overstepped into criminality. The extraordinary thing is how completely the, supposed, Left leaning media and commentariat have leapt to condemn Labour’s leadership and the people supporting it. I understand, they look at Corbyn and the people closest to him and they see Red Danger, they see Militant; the sight of Corbyn evokes memories of the 70s and 80s and they recoil in horror. Corbyn represents, to them, Labour before cappuccinos, Corbyn represents the miners’ strikes and Arthur Scargill. But they’re missing the point.

Jeremy Corbyn is Leading the Labour party at the pleasure of the Labour party membership and the Labour party membership is not made up of the “rabid dogs” that scare the froth off the Lefty politico-media’s lattes. The membership and supporters are the very people who the Left are supposed to represent, from communities that have been for too long abandoned. Corbyn is offering social justice and people need social justice. New Labour made some strides in that direction but they got far too much far too wrong, they excluded Labour’s base and they isolated themselves from the communities that they said they represented. New Labour introduced policies that the Tories have sunk their teeth into and are taking them to their unnatural conclusions. The decimation of the NHS, social care, and Education are simply the Tories doubling down on the errors of New Labour.

New Labour won in 1997 because they offered a Third Way but it drifted off course and the Third Way became a less and less socialist interpretation of neoliberalism. The British electorate figured New Labour out and they rejected them in ever increasing numbers, why is it taking so long for the Left politico-media class to catch up? Honestly, you don’t have greater insight or political nous than the communities that you patronise with your dismissive attitudes. The communities supporting Corbyn’s leadership are not patsies to Machiavellian Trotsky tricksters.

I have discussed those who are the root of Labour’s problems at great length and it is clear that those on the inside know precisely who these people are; if I were in the scornful anti Corbyn Left politico-media class, who consider themselves moderates, I would look back on the past couple of days and think about the vitriolic reception Momentum Kids received and look at the emptiness of 6 months of undercover reporting and then I would ask myself if maybe, just maybe, I’ve been sold a lemon by the Right of Labour.

Where has the narrative been fostered that casts such a shadow over the activities of mothers who want a solution to their childcare needs so that they can have a voice in British politics? Who has so distorted public opinion about a modest political organisation, portraying its members as rabid misogynistic anti-Semitic racist brick throwing thuggish Nazi stormtroopers? I’d ask why I am so willing to cast my lot with people who are prepared to surround Labour with such vile narratives and what it says about their politics.

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