Can you believe people are still trying to offload responsibility for the Tories’ brexit onto Labour?

You still find people attempting to marry the Tories and the Labour Party over the Tories’ brexit. There are a few motivations for this; Tories and Tory supporters wanting to deflect blame for the Tory brexit onto Labour, LibDems who want to capture Labour Remain voters, people seeking to split the Labour vote because they oppose a Labour leadership who threaten the status quo enjoyed by the wealthiest 5%, and people who genuinely don’t understand that Labour were never in a position to stop the progress of the Tory brexit because the Tories had a Parliamentary majority, only one Tory MP was prepared to vote against their own party and the politics surrounding the issue are not straight forward.

Faced with the Tories’ brexit, Labour had to consider what was best for Britain.  Labour could have taken a futile position of simply voting against the Tories, which would not have stopped the Tories proceeding but would have sent a clear message to a sizable percentage of Britain’s electorate that Labour were prepared to ignore them. Whilst the majority of Leave voters are unlikely traditional Labour voters, there were definitely Labour voters voting for Leave.

Labour adopted the only sensible position, to respect the outcome of the Tories’ referendum that, whatever way you want to cut it, represented the voices of 17 million people and to pledge to negotiate the best deal, wherever that leads. If Labour simply signaled that it was prepared to ignore 17 million British voters then it would have made defeat at the next election all but guaranteed. Britain deserves an opposition and Britain deserves an option for an alternative government, Labour choosing to only represent less than one half of the voting public would have denied us that chance.

Labour correctly stood by the result they could not change so that they could demonstrate that they were not going to turn a deaf ear to those who had voted for it; politicians ignoring large swathes of Britain was a large part of what created the conditions for Leave voters and that has led us into this mess.

People like Tony Blair have made their position against the current Labour leadership clear and Remain voters (of which I am one) should be highly skeptical of his motivations and alliance with those fighting against ‘brexit’.

Likewise, people should be very clear. The LibDems will form a coalition with the Tories if we see a repeat of the result in 2010. The LibDems will argue that they will steer the Tories away from their ‘hard brexit’ but, given Labour’s very clear position against the Tory ‘hard brexit’, would it not make far more sense for the LibDems to not enable the Tories in the first place? It is an illogical position for the LibDems to hold and voters should be extremely wary.

Either the LibDems are cynically currying favour with those who ideologically oppose a government influenced by the current Labour leadership or they are demonstrating the same arrogant stupidity that David Cameron showed when he committed the Tories to a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU, thinking he could control the outcome. Or a combination of both. It should be very troubling for people, especially LibDem supporters, that a figure like Lord Sainsbury has sunk so much money into their party since his influence in Labour has waned under the current leadership.

Remain voters are being manipulated to vote against Labour, effectively empowering the Tories and their ‘brexit’. It makes no sense if you think about it logically but people’s emotions are being pressed instead and logic isn’t on the agenda. There is an alignment between the media’s position on ‘brexit’, the Tories dancing to the tune of the likes of Murdoch, and the undermining of Britain’s opposition and it serves their purpose to try and set the ground for Leave voters to vote for the Tories and Remain voters to vote against Labour. Those who wanted ‘brexit’, who are seeking to exploit it now, have their fingers crossed that Remain voters comply and hand the Tories five more years.

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