British Empire 2.Oh dear: Tory fire sale burns down British protectorates.

If you play with matches, eventually, you get burnt. Have the Tories burned down British Empire 2.0 before it had even started?

british empire fire

The Tories have been conducting a fire sale of British assets since 2010 and all has been going swimmingly with their ‘long term economic plan’ of transferring public wealth to privateers, stripping spending on the public to the bone, while increasing public spending and driving up the national debt to unprecedented levels.

The problem with fires is that they can get out of control and the conditions that have facilitated the Tories robbing Britain blind, namely media complicity, has also fueled their sense of entitlement and their arrogance. That entitlement and arrogance has just leapt a poorly constructed fire-break and threatens to burn everything down.

The New Fall Of The British Empire

Tory arrogance that they could act with impunity because they were guaranteed a free ride by Britain’s media barons and because they had compromised the BBC as a source of news by implanting Tory stooges, led to the disastrous ‘brexit’. That same arrogance has led the Tories to believe they can attack ‘brexit’ with the same self-serving agenda, without fear of accountability. That same arrogance had the Tories rallying round calls for a British Empire 2.0. Unfortunately for the Tories, stripping Britain of its assets and running down public services like the NHS and schools is one thing but ‘brexit’ brings them into direct conflict with other countries and other countries have their own priorities.

british empire Spain want Gibraltar back and the Tories are going to have to give it to them if they want any sort of deal with the EU. If Spain get Gibraltar back then you know that Argentina are going to use every ounce of political juice they have to make their claim to the Falklands a prerequisite for trade deals with the Americas and, likely, other parts of the globe. In fact, wherever Britain has interests, expect them to now be on the table as bargaining chips.

British Empire 2.0? Try ‚ąöBritish Empire (square root, not a tick).

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