Britain’s Opposition Starts Here & Now

Britain’s Opposition: Are you ready to take a stand?

Leave or Remain, can there be any voters who are happy with the disastrous handling of ‘brexit’ by Theresa May and her Tory government? Britain’s opposition to the Tories’ crimes of arrogance and entitlement must begin with the people of Britain.

People bleat on about Labour not being an opposition, well, are we going to vote for Labour in the May elections? If people want to empower politicians to take the fight to the Tories then they had better start giving MPs the authority and ammunition with which to fight with, votes. If you want the Tories to be held to account for their actions over ‘brexit’ then take some meaningful action and vote for the only political party that can take a meaningful stand and that’s Labour, or just shut up with your whinging.

Britain's opposition FYB

The media, including the cuckolded BBC, are not going to hold the Tories to account for us. The LibDems are not going to hold anyone to account for anything, Farron has already said that he would put the Tories back into government in coalition if he had the opportunity. Those MPs (including Labour MPs) who are telling you that Corbyn is no good are not holding the Tories to account. If you haven’t figured out that Labour have had internal political strife for three leaderships and that it stems from people in Labour who come from the same ideological position as Theresa May’s calamitous Tories, then now you know.

If Not You Then Who?

Newsflash people. If you are unhappy with the direction this country is floundering down then you have to vote for the party that can offer opposition to it and that party is Labour. If you live in an area that Labour haven’t a hope of winning then vote for whatever party can take votes away from the Tories but, mainly, vote for Labour. Don’t buy into the myth of Labour culpability for ‘brexit’, it’s bullshine.

If you don’t vote Labour in May then you are denying Britain’s opposition the voice with which to oppose. The media are not with us in the fight against the Tories and their ‘brexit’. Only Labour can offer meaningful opposition. The Tories want you to dismiss the current Labour leadership as ineffective because it suits them. Put aside what the media, the Tories, and what Labour’s own ‘wreckers’ say, none of them have the interests of us in mind. You have no right to complain about Labour not providing opposition if you do not give them the ammunition with which to fight, the much vaunted ‘will of the people’.

The question is not about Leave or Remain but how Britain moves forward and it is clear that the Tories have every intention of screwing Britain over. Just days ago the Tories handed control of South West Trains to the Chinese, along with the substantial taxpayer subsidies that accompany it.

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