Britain’s democracy is under fire, betrayed again by its politico-media caste

With the world placed on a precipice of repeating the errors that led us to the invasion of Iraq back in 2003, the disastrous folly that killed thousands and unleashed the chaos that fueled the terrorism that has swept the globe in its wake, Britain faces betrayal for a second time by the worst of its politicians in unison with the cesspit of the British media. Britain’s democracy is under fire.

War War, Not Jaw Jaw

Britain was dragged into the mess that began in 2003 by a Prime Minister who viewed that moment as their opportunity to define themselves in history. It was the moment that exposed the ego that had driven them, and countless others, into the highest political jobs and positions of influence and which exposed the delusion that such people live with. It and the similar moments that followed, including Libya, have been cheered on by a media and politicians who have been proven to have been consistently wrong; people who define their place in our society through grandiose self-delusion. It is a perverse state of some people that they choose the harm that they employ others to do to others to attempt to define their own importance. Would that such people defined themselves by the good that they do instead.

For Britain To Repeat The Errors Of 2003, All It Requires Is For Avarice To Be Given Political Freedom To Act

Why does our politico-media caste choose conflict as their measuring stick, why not social care? I guess the simple answer is that harm is more profitable than care. britain's democracy under fire RDTMoronic politicians sit astride war machines as a symbol of the power that they wish to be seen to wield. Moronic figures talk of exercising military force to avoid engaging in political dialogue. As the public, we go along with the preposterous nature of their posturing, caught up in jingoism as a form of flattery. Wave your flag, ignore your own and others suffering, and exalt at the shrine of pumped up pomposity. Do so while those leading the cheering and conducting the bugles are robbing you blind while your taxes are used to fund the industrial war complex.

If any political figures denounce the battle cries then watch how quickly they are labeled as dangerous. Watch how quickly calls for investing in health and education are trounced by justifications for spending on mechanised warfare. In Britain, the government have slashed the numbers of people employed in the military because wages are an inefficient method of transferring public wealth into the private sector. Far more profitable to pay for unmanned war machines and missiles. Far more profitable to employ private contractors to fill in the shortfall for manpower.

Just as we are seeing the NHS burdened by staffing costs grossly exaggerated because of the reliance on agency staff, we will witness costs for military intervention escalate due to similarly overpriced mercenary armies. Any politicians who raise objections to these shifts are denounced by the media and those political figures who consider themselves players in history. Britain is not permitted an opposition. Britain’s democracy is under fire.

The Daily Mail’s Hypocrisy

Britain's democracy under fire DMJ

This weekend we had one of the Daily Mail’s detritus scribes openly challenging the Labour Party membership with the continuation of the ‘accusations’ of antisemitism within the party. I say ‘accusations’ because it really isn’t the correct term. The Labour Party almost certainly does not have an issue with antisemitism anymore than the rest of the society from which it draws its membership and any actual accusation that asserts anything different would be liable to be libel. Read any of the writing that pits itself against the current Labour leadership and I’ll wager you can’t find a single definable allegation among it. None of the writers or publications who insinuate accusations will actually say anything that, if proved false, could lead the accuser to be sued. You will struggle to find anyone in the media with the courage of their convictions if their personal wealth is at risk.

britain's democracy is under fire DM

Antisemitism is, of course, not the issue. The Daily Mail famously exalted the greatness of Adolf Hitler’s chancellorship.

britain's democracy under fire RAH

Britain’s Democracy Is Under Fire

Simply, the attack by the Daily Mail is the continuation of attempts to undermine Britain’s opposition. The message never changes, Get Corbyn Out, but don’t call it a coup, red, white or blue. Britain’s democracy is under fire because those figures who have maneuvered themselves into position to best exploit circumstances then positioned circumstances so that they could be further exploited and they have no intention of relinquishing their advantages.

Labour under Corbyn are the only significant political force that is openly calling the stupid march to the drum of war for what it is. Pre Corbyn Labour was too comfortable with sabre rattling or too afraid to take a stand against it. Britain now has a genuine opposition. Britain’s democracy is under fire from those whom would deny Britain that opposition; fools who would define themselves by the blood of their victims or the greedy who define themselves by the blood that their money can buy or those fools who will sell it to them for their pieces of silver. But we are led to believe that Jeremy Corbyn is the dangerous one, while the parasites blow their horns for a repeat of the glory days that began in 2003.

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