Britain Needs Change: toryism must be laid to rest for the sake of Britain’s future

Britain needs change. Britain has a choice on the 8th June 2017, it can redefine the direction that we’ve been dragged towards since 2010. We can decide to take the turmoil that the Tories have created and turn it to opportunity. We can choose to just plough on ahead with the disastrous Tories or we can negotiate a better future.

The Tory expectation for 8th June 2017

Theresa May is taking a calculated risk. Whatever happens on the 8th June 2017, I suspect that the Tories are confident that they will remain as the leading party in the UK. They will likely lose their majority position but will still come first with number of MPs. Likely the Tories will lose seats they would have lost anyway, due to their election fraud, and will lose them to the Lib Dems or, possibly but unlikely, to UKIP. The Tories will be confident that they will form a coalition government from the ashes of 8/06/17, having promised the LibDems a seat at the ‘brexit’ table. The LibDems, under the minuscule, Tim Farrage, will wave the banner once again of the LibDems as Tory moderators.

The disaster that Britain experienced as a result of the 2010 Tory/LibDem coalition will be visited upon Britain once again and the unexpected blip of the Tory majority 2015 will be written off to history. The Tories will continue with their ‘brexit’ but with the LibDems as the helpful whipping boys, to take the blame for whatever befalls Britain in ‘brexit’s wake. Britain needs change but the Tories are hoping that a rallying call for continuity, much the same as their call in the 2015 election, will sway voters.

The LibDems’ expectation for 8th June 2017

The LibDems have positioned themselves as a Tory overflow and they will be hoping that their windfall in 2010 graces them once again. In 2010 Britain rejected New Labour and the Tories and gifted the LibDems the deciding vote for Britain’s government. Sadly, the LibDems believed they would have greater prestige from carrying the Tories into government than Labour, eventually triggering the mess we currently have in Britain. In June, the LibDems will be hoping for a repeat. The hope is that they will be viewed as the anti ‘brexit’ party and that will win them seats from the Tories and Labour. The reality is that they will diminish Labour’s votes and probably gift Labour seats to the Tories. The obsequious leader of LibDems could well put a lot of voters off from switching their votes to the LibDems. It is doubtful he would stack up well against Jeremy Corbyn in any public head to heads, being rather like the equally obsequious Owen Smith.

The LibDems have their hopes pinned on having a deciding vote again, able to side themselves with the Tories in a coalition government. But Britain needs change, not a rehash of 2010 and a continuance of Tory ‘brexit’.

Labour’s expectations for 8th June 2017

I doubt anyone within Labour does not expect them to struggle to emerge in a position to form a government. In fairness, Labour’s internal strifes have all but ensured that they cannot. Labour’s best hope would seem to be a repeat of their 2010 result, finishing a strong enough second that the LibDems could choose to form a coalition with them, instead of the Tories this time. Maybe this time round, Labour would hope that the LibDems would chip away a few more of the Tory seats, to bring the Tories nearer Labour.

What would a good result for Labour be?

Labour will be the only party heading into this general election attempting to address the concerns of both Leave and Remain voters. Article 50 has been triggered and Labour will be the only party positioned to lead the negotiations for Britain, to ensure the people of Britain get the best deal. But for Labour, success could well be measured by sacrifice. Labour is hindered by deadwood and parasites and this election could see the party relieved of some of what has held it back since 2007 (and before). Just as the likes of Balls were rejected by the public in the past elections, Labour could well be served by a similar trimming of MPs in June. Hopefully, fresh blood will enter the party in other marginal seats. Labour will be best served by new MPs taking seats from Tory MPs. It will be best for Labour to wake on the 9th June 2017 in a position to form a coalition government. I have said since Leave won the EU Referendum, that Britain should navigate ‘brexit’ as an all party coalition led by Jeremy Corbyn and I believe that that would be the best result for Labour from this election.

Corbyn could sideline the wastrel MPs within Labour and build a government of MPs who are prepared to put party politics and that game playing aside. Corbyn’s leadership has the policies, Labour just require the government in which to implement them and that will likely be cross-party. Britain needs change.

What should Britain expect from 8th June 2017?

First and foremost, Britain needs to kick the Tories out of government. Not just out of government but they should be crushed. The current Conservative Party leadership have perverted that party into the vandalous abomination that has wrecked Britain for too long and they need to be wiped from their party.

Scotland should vote out the remaining Westminster parties and draw its line in the sand. Scotland should no longer be subjects to the whims, vagaries and ideological driven idiocy of a Westminster throne. Returning 100% SNP MPs to Westminster sends the clearest of messages and would represent Scotland’s ‘brexit’ negotiation block.

Britain needs change and that change will have to start with a fundamental change in governance. Britain needs a government that can be drawn from all parties, with a leader that has proven they will represent the people and not be an ‘establishment’ stooge. Theresa May dances to the likes of Murdoch’s tune, the ‘establishment’ have demonstrated just how much they do not dictate Jeremy Corbyn’s actions by their absolute and relentless attempts to unseat him. Britain needs a coalition government led by Jeremy Corbyn. Britain needs a government that represents all quarters, including Scotland.

Theresa May has been blethering on about the country uniting behind the Tory ‘brexit’ and is now saying that the political parties are being divisive. The reality is that the country has never been united behind the Tory ‘brexit’ and it is divisive. The Tories have made a colossal fudge-up of their short time in majority government and are hoping to stay ahead of losing that majority because of the fallout from their election fraud. They are also hoping that they can pass off the responsibility for their ‘brexit’ by heading into a coalition government. They probably don’t even view being thrown out of government as a bad thing right now.

Britain needs change

Scotland woke the morning after IndyRef to realise they had wasted their opportunity to redefine their future, Britain has the same opportunity, I hope it doesn’t waste it.

britain needs change

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