Britain needs to begin moving forward again with Labour

Now is the time for new politics (a new dawn, not New Labour). Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour have outlined in their manifesto a series of measures that Britain needs to work towards to begin to correct the gross errors of seven years of Tory government. It’s that simple. This is not a time for party politics, it is a time, finally, for Britain to have governance that governs in our interests and not in those of the selected few.

Tory Austerity is universally panned as an economic launchpad if your intention is to represent the people being governed. Austerity was only ever a means for the Tories to facilitate their asset stripping and slashing of spending on the public but never for slashing spending of public money, which they have done at an increased level but given it to wealthiest to exploit.

During these past years, when borrowing rates have been so low, the Tories have not invested in Britain. The Tories, instead of ensuring we are a high wage, well pension provisioned population, have squandered the opportunity to feather the nests of the 5% and to use Austerity as a justification for stripping away job security and to attack workers’ rights. They even engineered a dispute with rail workers in an attempt to bring down their unions and provided the rail operator with a contract that ensured that they could still make money, even while cutting service and blaming the cuts to services on the striking workers.

Every sale of public assets over the past seven years has lost Britain £billions.

So now we need to right the ship and we need political parties to stop viewing politics as a well paid career path. Labour have outlined a means to get Britain functioning in our interests again and we should demand that our politicians work to make that happen. Politics as a game must end, there are too many fools who languish in safe seats, indulged by and abusing ‘loyal’ voters. Right now, Britain needs to get back on its feet, we need cross-party agreement to focus on making the changes that will hollow out Britain’s paper billionaires but enrich Britain. Britain should not be held back by the stumbling zombie cult of Toryism.

The Conservative party will have some decent people among the toady self-serving MPs and they should show some courage and stand against their current leadership. One look at the dross in Theresa May’s reshuffled cabinet should be all the demonstration they need that their leadership are clueless as much as they are talentless. Labour will provide an umbrella under which talents from all parties can play a role in turning Britain around. Now is the time for Conservative MPs who do actually work to represent their constituents to stop having to fight their own party.

Out of 318 Conservative MPs, surely there are at least 30 of them that are prepared to put their voters ahead of a self-serving Tory leadership? Surely there are at least 30 who view Labour’s proposals with the same clear eyed agreement as millions of the British public? We want this vision of Britain, we recognise this vision of Britain, we aspire to this vision of Britain, not the thing that the Tory leadership have of us and aspire for.

Let’s presume politicians can put aside their party politics, what next? Britain needs a better way of selecting its politicians and better politicians. We need a better definition of what a politician is and what we expect them to do. Too many people of low ability and low calibre are permitted to wallow in politics because we have safe seats and because the selection of political candidates is exploitable by those who we would not wish to be within a thousand miles of it. The refreshing thing about Labour’s success under Jeremy Corbyn is that he is not representative of the blowhard self-preening ‘leaders’ who have begun to dominate politics in the era of mass media. It is no coincidence that so many of our ‘big name’ political figures have media backgrounds.

The superficiality of dross like David Cameron, who thought being Prime Minister would be a bit of fun, does not serve Britain. What we should expect from our politicians should define how we select them and it is clear that the current system does not work very well. What responsibilities should our politicians have? What powers should our politicians have? Should greater responsibilities and powers be held locally? How do we ensure political representatives are equipped to do their jobs?

Is there any real value in having party politics interfering with local and national politics? Should we have political parties at all, do they serve any real purpose any more? Are there better ways to organise political interests than umbrella organisations that don’t appear to function? The Tories created the narrative that workers’ unions had become too big, too influential and needed to be broken. It was not true of unions, reforms to more democratise them was needed, but is it true of political parties? Too much power concentrated in the hands of too few, who are too easily corruptible and bought?

Britain’s political landscape has always been a shifting edifice, evolving in answer to challenges faced and the needs of the people, and Britain stands upon that precipice of change again. It is clear to all who are prepared to see it that Britain requires major alterations to how we do politics. We are facing the 21st century with 19th century politics and that simply has to change. Resistance will be stiff, as it always has been, but change always wins eventually. You cannot stop progress, no matter the level of resistance, you get steamrollered. The question is whether we can accept that now and move towards it or we try to run from it. Attempting to drag Britain backwards has never succeeded.

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