The brexit lies continue: Labour’s lonely fight

Whether you voted Leave or Remain, voters should be clear about Labour’s consistent response to the outcome of the referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU.

Labour will negotiate for the best deal for Britain, protecting British jobs, British workers, Britain’s security and the British economy. Labour have listened to those who voted to Leave the EU and respect their voices, which is why they have committed to undertaking the negotiation on Britain’s membership of the EU and did not oppose triggering Article 50, so that that negotiation could take place.

Labour recognise that, during Britain’s membership of the EU, millions of Britons have been left behind or excluded from the benefits and believe that there are better ways to serve the British people. During the recent general election, when laws on media coverage during elections is in force, Labour were able to get their message to the public, mainly without the usual shroud of lies from the media or the other political parties. Labour also got many of its 100,000s of members onto the streets to speak with people in person. The predicted landslide victory for the Tories was wiped out by voters once they could actually hear what Labour are doing in response to the outcome of the referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU.

We are no longer in an election and normal service has been resumed by both the media and the other political parties and the lies to British public have resumed to the level we have become accustomed to.

Labour’s success in communicating their EU Ref response to voters, unshrouded from media and other parties’ lies, has the other parties afraid. The LibDems ran on a ticket of promising a second referendum and had expected it would be a vote catcher but it wasn’t. The Tories ran on a ticket of Theresa May being prepared to kamikazely subject Britain to the Tories’ ‘brexit’ and voters rejected Theresa May and withdrew the Tories’ Parliamentary majority.

Labour’s response to stop the Tories’ ‘brexit’ is working. Those voters that actually listened to Labour at the last election understood why Labour offers the best response to the outcome of the referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU. It is a response for the interests of the British people. The Tories oppose it because ‘brexit’ has never been anything but an attempt for the Tories to remain in Downing Street, so that they can continue to exploit their position in government for their personal gains and those of their supporters.

Despite the successes of Labour’s response to ‘brexit’ and the LibDems saying that they also oppose ‘brexit’, the LibDems are focused on gaining more seats in Westminster. Either the LibDems are not politically literate enough to understand what ‘brexit’ is and how Labour are successfully fighting it, which is quite probable, or they are cynically playing party politics for votes, even as their strategy risks strengthening the Tories’ ‘brexit’. Or, it could be that it is a combination of both and that they are playing for votes without understanding the implications.

The LibDems should be allied with Labour against the Tories but they refuse. They fear that British politics will become a two party showdown over ‘brexit’, excluding them. The LibDems still refuse to acknowledge that it is their time in coalition government that has actually marginalised themselves in the minds of British voters. Nobody is that interested in voting for a Tory drip tray and simply adopting the opposite standpoint over ‘brexit’ had no one convinced at the last election.

If you are Remain or Leave, neither the Tories or LibDems have your interests at the forefront of their actions. The Tories have no interest in improving the lives of those people who voted to leave the EU because their lives have been left behind during the period when Britain has been a member. The LibDems have no interest in stopping the Tories’ ‘brexit’ if it means Labour make gains and the LibDems are relegated to an irrelevance. Britain’s best hope lies, not in second referendums, but in a general election where the Tories can be removed from Downing Street and a Labour led government can start fresh negotiations in the interests of Britain.

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