Brexit at the heart of British politics: The wrong question asked and now the politico-media establishment refuse to listen to the people.

I honestly can’t see how Theresa May will be able to stop herself from blundering forward with Brexit, regardless of her own failings and those of her party. I also can’t see how we, as a country, can force our politicians and our government to stop and listen to us. Will it take demonstrations like those of the late 80s and early 90s against the Poll Tax before our idiot politico-media class get their heads out of their bubble and begin to listen? Regardless of where you stand on Britain’s membership of the EU, we can all agree that the problems Britain faces are a product of our own failed government and flawed British politics. Before Britain heads down the road of re-examining our relationships with our European neighbours, Britain must address its own politics.

We have a government of dross right now, a government that can find a home for the likes of Boris Johnson, Liam Fox, Jeremy Hunt, and Liz Truss … and Theresa May as Prime Minister. The only saving grace for them is that they did not give the most toxic politician in Britain a job front of house. When garbage like that are not being held to account by our sole public service broadcaster, what state is British democracy in?

If, as has been rumoured, Theresa May declares a date for declaring Article 50 during her speech at the Conservative Conference, it will be just another example of the Tories putting party politics ahead of Britain’s interests once again and it will be in the wake of her being summoned by Rupert Murdoch to receive his instructions. If she does as expected, how should Britain respond? Should Britain take to the streets? If Britain does, what then?

Politically, the only hope I can see for Britain is if we see the moderates within the Conservative party saying enough is enough and publicly admitting that their current party leadership are not fit to act as Britain’s government or to lead us post the EU Referendum. Ken Clarke has admitted as much regarding Theresa May’s capability but we need more than his lone voice. After the summer Labour has had, it is equally clear that the wreckers in Labour have exposed that Labour does not have the strength in numbers required to pursue a successful reformation of Britain’s politics alone. The core of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, which includes Labour’s moderates, requires a collaborative approach that includes Conservative moderates. Sadly, the LibDem leadership have seemed to have shifted recently to stand with Labour’s incompetent wreckers, so it is unclear whether their moderates would be able to contribute their voice to the collaborative effort so it will likely be left to the SNP to ironically provide the strength of their voice to the other moderates to secure British democracy.

The current Tory leadership offer a stumble towards Brexit, not the stride that those who voted for it envisaged. Should it take virtual insurrection before Britain’s moderate political voices find the courage to take to the stage? We have found ourselves where we currently stand because, not only do we have a Tory party that placed internal party politics ahead of the interests of the country, we have a public service broadcaster that has been corrupted by that same party into joining the uncritical examination of the government, instead of holding it to account. Never in Britain’s recent democratic history has a government been so emboldened by such complicit relationships with the media and those relationships are, at the same time, corrupting and compromising; not least because of the minority control of our mass media outlets places shockingly disproportionate influence into the hands a tiny undemocratic minority.

Now is not a time for party politics, it is a time for Britain to stand together and for our voices to be heard. Most people did not want the EU Referendum but we had it forced upon us by politicians who were focused on their own internal party politics, that should not be what governs this nation. Dissatisfaction with the status quo was declared on the 24th June 2016 and those benefiting from the status quo have continued to try and maintain it regardless.

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