If you’re taking what is going on in ‘brexit’ British politics at face value or being guided by what you read, listen to, or watch in the media then you’re being as under-served now as we were during the campaigns for the referendum over Britain’s membership of the EU, Leave or Remain.

Britain entered 2016 under a Tory majority government, with an opposition under new leadership and that was the high point. 2016 did not so much fall off a cliff as it was drop kicked.

It is likely that the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, will face off against at least three Tory party leaders during his tenure as Labour leader but 2017 begins with some of the most testing times for Labour and the British public.

I chart some of it in this book, the lows and the lows. The latest domino standing between May 2015 and the continued ruination of Britain by May 2017 are the by-elections of Copeland and Stoke-on-Trent Central. Anything other than Labour victories gives strength to the hand of May and her ‘hard boiled brexit’.

I discuss the politics surrounding the state of Labour, the impact of its internal strife, and why the British public should be paying more attention to what has been going on within its major opposition party.

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