Blame the EU, blame immigrants, blame Labour, blame Corbyn, blame voters, just don’t think of blaming the Tories or the politico-media establishment.

On the 23rd June 2016 17 million people in the UK set the ball rolling on what has followed since but, in truth, that ball began to roll before then. It was not expected that people would vote to leave the EU, at least not in numbers significant enough to actually afford leave the victory. Leave was not won so much as inflicted but people should be in no doubt, people who voted Leave are not ruining Britain. The Tories are ruining Britain and they would be doing that whether Leave or Remain won.

The referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU was David Cameron’s folly and an example of his ignorance, naivety, arrogance, and negligence. All that was wrong with Cameron occupying the role of Prime Minister was neatly abbreviated by Leave. He made pledges he never expected to fulfill and then delivered on those pledges believing that he would never have to honour a Leave outcome. The EU referendum was only ever a way of shoring up Tory votes in the 2015 general election. Nobody predicted the numbers of people who would express their disillusionment with British politics, not even those campaigning to Leave, certainly not the clowns and opportunists in the Tory party who viewed the EU referendum as a proxy battle for the Tory party leadership.

But the aftermath of the 23rd June 2016 began when voters handed the Tories a majority government in 2015. No other party would have presented Britain with a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU, not even a Tory/LibDem coalition government. The Tories were carried into Downing Street on the shoulders of the LibDems in 2010 after voter antipathy towards any further New Labour governments split the vote three ways. Voters did not want a Tory government, any more than they wanted a New Labour government, and the LibDems were the beneficiaries. I guess that memories were still long enough in 2010 for voters to remember why the Tories were dumped from government so resolutely in 1997. It is a shame that people had forgotten by 2015.

Jeremy Corbyn has inherited public animosity towards the New Labour governments of the past but he has also inherited the remnants of New Labour, who do not accept their public rejection and believe they will rise from the ashes. Corbyn has also inherited the mess of voter intentions that the EU referendum introduced. Britain needs a non Tory government but Britain has also voted to say that it wants to leave the EU. There is no mandate for holding a second referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU. David Cameron did not believe Britain should leave the EU. The referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU was not binding, it was only advisory. If David Cameron had not been the craven that he was then he would have declared Westminster duly notified of Britain’s discontent but that Britain’s membership of the EU was a priority matter for Parliament to discuss and its departure was not on the cards just because of the referendum. Only David Cameron was in a position to make that stand but, of course, he did not, he chose to turn tail and dum dee dum.

So Corbyn has inherited the legacy of David Cameron’s idiocy and cowardice.

Not only is Jeremy Corbyn faced with the task of rebuilding public confidence in the Labour party after the New Labour experiment, he has been faced by an internal battle over the leadership from the ghosts of that same failed experiment. On top of that, Corbyn is tasked with righting the errors/crimes of the Tories, whilst at the same time having to battle the chirruping from the (neo)liberal media who undermine Labour’s efforts to rebuild their reputation with the public. The choreographed flouncing off by Labour’s Right wing and their media coterie is another pointless distraction.

The public voted to leave the EU and the public hold Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership responsible for keeping them in the EU even, as they do so, they direct their anger at Corbyn and not at the Tories. Supposed educated and informed people either willfully misunderstand or are ignorant of the road being traveled by the current Labour leadership but here’s a hint. If you oppose what the Tories are doing regarding ‘brexit’ then direct you anger towards them. If you find yourself railing against the Labour leadership, the only serious opposition to the current Tory government, then you are being played. It is difficult to accept that you are being had over, especially when you think of yourself as an intelligent and educated individual. Just ask yourself who benefits from the opposition being undermined.

If you oppose what the Tories are doing but are not directing your efforts in opposing the Tories then you’re doing their work for them. Simple. If people supposedly aligned with Labour attempt to direct your efforts towards opposing the current leadership, rather than the Tories, then they are doing the Tories’ work for them and you shouldn’t trust them. Simple. It doesn’t take much searching to gain a better understanding of Labour’s internal conflicts; you shouldn’t have to but you will if you want to start acting with an informed opinion. Or don’t. If you’re undermining the current Labour leadership then you’re shoring up Tory support but no one can predict voter intentions these days, maybe we’ll get lucky and a legal challenge will bring the Tories to their knees and maybe Britain will stop handing them licenses to rob us blind. Maybe. Until then:

Labour’s current leadership, doing the best with the mess of a hand that the Tories have dealt us all.

In light of the proposed Labour three line whip for triggering Article 50, the leadership have set out their proposal. Labour will not oppose the Tories triggering Article 50 if the Tories agree to amendments that will protect Britain from the worst the Tories would do. The Tories can reject Labour’s proposal and gamble that they will be able to get their bill through Parliament with Labour’s opposition but they risk there being enough Conservative MPs prepared to vote against the bill and being defeated. Also, by rejecting Labour’s clear protections for the British people, the Tories would be signalling their intent to continue to screw us over. The Tories can pass the bill, regardless of the opposition, as long as their own MPs all vote for it but if they have rejected protections for the British public then they cannot guarantee that all their MPs would comply.

Labour have been dealt a hand that can be undermined simply by the Tories knowing for sure that all their MPs will vote for their bill but the Tories don’t. If Labour make no proposal to not oppose the bill then the bill can be passed as it currently is, with no amendments and no protection for the British people. The gamble is, does Labour, as the main opposition party, risk allowing the Tories to freely pass their bill as it currently stands, leaving the British public high and dry? The LibDems and SNP can take a stand to simply oppose the bill. The LibDems have no bargaining power and, as such, are an irrelevance. The SNP have more MPs but are committed to opposing the bill, so have no leeway to bargain. Neither the LibDems or the SNP can press for any protections for us, the British public, it’s up to Labour.

It’s not that complicated but, seemingly, too complicated for some Labour MPs. They can vote their conscience or undermine Labour’s leadership, whatever their aim, but you have to respect Labour’s leadership for attempting to force the Tories to safeguard the interests of Joe Public. Through Labour’s negotiations we will see just who the Tories are looking out for.

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