Back In Control: Now let’s REALLY take back control.

Yesterday Britain took back control. British judges decided that British politicians should decide on British futures. Take that Angela Merkel! Stick that in your pipe Monsieur Jean-Claude Juncker! We’re the boss of us now. Hah!

Showed them.

Taking back control.

Granted, it seems that some people aren’t happy about it. So, OK, Australian billionaire media barons, with American citizenship for tax purposes, aren’t happy. And, yes, other tax avoiding billionaire media barons, with an aversion to paying British tax, aren’t happy. And

moronic people, who highlight why Britain REALLY needs to start setting minimum quality standards for the people it accepts as MPs, aren’t happy. Media barons thought they were taking control and moronic MPs are, well, morons but the rest of us should be happy to see British law standing up for itself against that namby pamby EU law that we hate so much.

So, what now?

I’m sure the Tories will use taxpayers money to take the decision to appeal, possibly even taking the decision to the EU Courts (which would be the sweetest of ironies) but let’s look past that and say they lose the appeal and Parliament has the vote on whether or how we exit the EU. What then?

It should never be forgotten that the Tories, out of their own interests, plunged Britain into this farcical situation that we face. Britain can make a go of exiting the EU, it can make a go of re-imagining our relationships with our European neighbours, and, I believe, this opportunity can lead the way to re-imagine a stronger, more purposeful relationship for all current EU partners. Not with the Tories at the helm. Not with the self-interested imbeciles captaining the ship. Even Boris Johnson has tipped his hat to the Tories making a ‘Titanic’ success of Britain leaving the EU.

The sniveling runts of the Tory party thought that their xenophobic blast from the past wet dreams were coming true; Union Flag airtex Y-Fronts had been suitably starched and ironed for the occasion. Calls had gone out to ‘Nanny’ and steaming bowls of treacle pudding were receiving ladles of thick yellow custard in preparation. Mission ‘Retreat to the 1800s’ was a go. Grammar schools, fox hunting, badger baiting, workhouses, the poor, were all being prepared for triumphant return. Britain had signaled its intent to get the band of colonialism back together; India, China, Sri Lanka were put on notice that Britain was getting back into the tea business, hold onto your hats. Britain was also getting back to jam … and what do you need for jam? Sugar. Sharpen your machetes in the Caribbean, we’re coming for you. Where next? The Middle East? Why not? And, ultimately, hello the Americas, Africa and wherever else too. Britain’s ready to rule the waves again, I’ve got a pith helmet, an aggressively flamboyant mustache, and a rather spiffy red jacket, let’s have it, tally ho!

If the catastrophic fudge up of the EU Referendum has taught us anything it is that we have an imbelic class in both politics and the media, deep rooted and cataclysmically destructive. Class is not something we talk much about in this country anymore; in truth, many thought class had died a death, along with casual racism, sexism and all the other isms that have reared their ugly heads since the EU Referendum result. The truth is that the vestiges and afflictions of class still plague Britain and the very worst of that level of destructive imbecilism has been thrust into ever more influential positions since the rise of neoliberalism has isolated and raised the importance of cumulative advantage, which is the danger of such a monopoly focused ideology.

Positions of influence are dominated by people who have benefitted from inherited status, regardless of capability, and those positions are manipulated to further the advantage of those already advantaged. We have a large proportion of our political class who have inherited their positions of influence by virtue of being born into the correct strata of our society, they have not had to earn their place at the table and they are accountable to no one. Their views do not have to represent “ordinary” people or the interests of the majority and the EU Referendum has ably demonstrated the threat that places Britain under because they act with an assuredness not supported by knowledge or capability. Britain faces great times ahead and our focus should be on taking control out of the hands of the imbeciles.

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