As America takes to the polls, can it learn anything from Britain’s dance with right wing extremists? Will they wake to the same emboldened bigots Britain did on June 24?

When the result of the EU Referendum came in and declared Leave as the winner, a chunk of Leave voters instantly regretted their decision. As implications of leaving the EU became clearer, more Leave voters began to regret their protest. As racial hatred and racial attacks increased, ever more Leave voters regretted their vote. As the £ collapsed ever more Leave voters looked back with embarrassment and horror and now we can see the scale of the raving racism that underpins the ‘ideology’ of the hardcore Leave voters who want to take to the streets if there is any suggestion that foreigners can’t be kicked out of Britain, moderate Leavers and Remainers who had accepted the Referendum’s outcome will staunchly hope that Parliament rejects the Leave decision. And that’s not to mention the impact of Toblerone.

Those who voted to Leave from a sense of wanting to reject EU membership must despair at the racist bigots who, whilst they were always campaigning together they, were not ideologically conjoined. Ignorant bigoted racist xenophobic voters rallied round the flag of ousting Johnny Foreigner from Britain’s shores. Some may have shrouded themselves in a flag of convenience, spending £350million on the NHS for example, but those flags have fallen and only their bigotry remains.

The Tories have embraced the bigots. Theresa May and her coterie of calamity eye the bigot voter base with affection; the Tories are in the business of nasty and business is good. Conservative moderates must baulk at the rabid vandalism of their politics by their more extreme right wing colleagues, though only one has had the courage to take a stand. The Conservatives are a party bullied by the worst of their kind and similar figures would have their way with Labour if Labour’s membership had not stood firm against them.

It is troublesome that British politics has been dominated by the detritus who have fanned the flames of extremism, both among MPs and from the media. The narrative that has beguiled Britain’s conservatively moderate population by a rancid politico-media circus has most recently attempted to turn the basic humanity expressed by the likes of football pundit Gary Lineker and singer Lily Allen into vilifiable assaults on British patriotism and now we have the inexplicable figure of Nigel Farage offering to lead a pitchfork waving mob to the doors of Westminster to challenge any attempt by the British Parliament to obey British law.

All the while, the Tories continue their ‘Long term economic plan’ to transfer public wealth to the offshore bank accounts of their buddies and patrons, assaulting the most vulnerable in our society.

If America has learned anything from our EU Referendum experience I hope it is that you can never afford to give right wing extremists any sort of license, whatever similarities exist in some of your goals or methods.

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