Are Tories becoming the sexist racist pigs of Parliament?

Latest incident involving a Tory minister is David Davis’s attempt to kiss Diane Abbot in one of the bars in Westminster. After being told where he could take his unwanted advances, Davis, the gentleman that he is responded by sending a ‘friend’ a text denying the lunge, inferring Ms Abbot was too unattractive for him to try a Donald Trump style unrequested sexual assault. Needless to say, gentleman that he is, Davis has the sorts of friends who leak such banter texts to the press and Davis has subsequently apologised for the text. What a charmer. Not unsurprisingly, Davis has been slammed by Labour MPs for being sexist and disgusting in his treatment towards one of their colleagues.

Just weeks ago there was another incident involving a sexually emboldened Tory minister when Nicholas Soames decided to make dog noises towards a female MP as she addressed Parliament, for which he has subsequently apologised.

Not too long ago another incident , likely involving yet another Tory MP, saw a female journalist being demeaned by being referred to as ‘totty’.

It is unclear as to what view Theresa May holds of all this, including the matter of the Tory councillor racially abusing Diane Abbot on Twitter, though the councillor is currently suspended from the Conservative party pending investigation.

It would seem the Tories are settling comfortably back in to their old, well worn, ‘nasty’ party personas.

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