Are reports of the death of a popular political movement greatly exaggerated?

Since the voting closed there have been worrying signs that the public were maybe being softened up for a result of election fraud on a scale unprecedented. Ex MPs waded in with continuations of the dark tales about Labour under Corbyn and media writers gnashed their teeth and pulled out their hair but there is also the other possibility. Despite the outrageous attempts to corrupt Labour’s democratic processes, despite repeated “purges”, Corbyn may have not only won but won with a greater mandate than last year. Stop and think about that for a second.

If Corbyn manages to gain an increased mandate, after so many people who support his leadership have been unjustly excised from voting, imagine the message that sends to the politico-media class who have spent the past three months to a year trying to depose him. With all their “might” they have tried to kill off a popular political movement and they will have failed. It would explain the unguarded bitterness that we are seeing in articles. Even as they (hopefully) face a public humiliation on the same scale as their duplicity in attempting to pervert Labour’s democracy, they are stamping their feet and curling their top lips in petulant frustration. Not only will they have failed to kill off a popular political movement but that movement will have gained strength and grown.

It is clear from reading an article by Fraser Nelson in yesterday’s Telegraph that such people have no more understanding about the popularity of Corbyn’s leadership than they did about what motivated people to vote Brexit in the EU Referendum. I’m sure they will snarkily say that, just as (in their mind) idiots voted for Brexit without understanding the implications so idiots are voting for Corbyn without understanding the implications. Implications which they, our vaunted and learned politico-media class, have far greater insight of. Their problem is that they’re living in a bubble and what they think of as political pragmatism is actually just self-interest. They just don’t get it and a small part of their brain knows this and it scares the hell out of them.

Don’t get me wrong. Those who occupy the politico-media class are invariably well educated and, to many degrees, intelligent people but that is, in part, part of their problem. Their learning combines with (and is disproportionately a product of) their privilege and cumulative advantage and it breeds hubris. They have ‘let them eat cake’ mentalities and they just can’t see it because where they are and where they are from is a lot more comfortable than where those who support Corbyn’s Labour leadership are.

If they could step out of themselves, if they could separate their education from their privilege and cumulative advantage, they might be able to see the political movement building around the current Labour leadership for what it is and be able to work with it (for those who are motivated by social justice and social equity). It is not class war, it is mutiny and they are quite welcome to join us.

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