An open question to Britain’s liberals, non-aggressive: Do you want five more years of disastrous Tories? Will you settle for the same but under a red flag or will you vote for a Corbyn led Labour?

Imagine for a moment that you are a member of Britain’s privileged ‘liberal’ politico-media circus. Warm and cosy isn’t it? You enjoy most of the benefits of being a member of the privileged politico-media circus plus you get to feel better about yourself because you pay lip-service to being altruistic, compassionate and socially just. You get to still enjoy your sense of entitlement and the comforts of not having to live among the puddle-lickers. It’s great. You live with your head in rarefied air within a cocooned bubble. It’s a vaunted position that you hold and, unlike your ‘conservative’ brethren, you do not have to fear your conscience will wake you from your dreams in a cold sweat.

But then clouds form and the sky darkens.

You used to be described as a ‘Guardian reader’, and maybe you still are, but mainly you’re just socially networked into that same loose affiliation of liberal celebrity opinions and the politicos who influence them. You like to think of yourself as clued up, even if you also admit that you don’t really know anything about politics, and you don’t see that there might be a disconnect between your confidence in your own ‘knowledge’ and your lack of actual knowledge. It’s OK, clever, educated celebrities can keep you up to speed via Twitter. They have their fingers on the pulse.

An idiot once said that we, the British, were tired of experts but he was an idiot. He still is but he was then too*.

We’re not tired of experts, we’re just a bit lazy about getting ourselves informed. So it is about the current Labour leadership.

It is with almost universal acknowledgement that, from the very outset, the policies of the current Labour leadership, under Jeremy Corbyn, are not only NOT Hard Left Trotsky Communistnik Radical attempts to subvert generations but, rather, left of centre, socially-just, and agreed upon by and popular with the general public. It is why the most common utterance you hear from Corbyn’s critics is that it’s not his policies, it’s him. If you’re one of the ‘liberal’ politico-media circus go and google it and then come back here once you’ve thoroughly satisfied yourself that yes, indeed, Corbyn talks a lot of sense. Now stop and think for a minute. Why is it that you jauntily go along with the ceaseless calls for Corbyn to resign?

There’s no experts here, it’s just you and me. Two old sweats shooting the breeze and trying to figure out why a political figure, whose policies you almost certainly agree with, has faced calls to step aside from before he had even taken over as leader of the opposition? Not only do you generally agree with his policies, you have endorsed him having to resign. Where has that dichotomy risen from?

Seriously, I’m genuinely interested to know; not an aggressive question.

The key, unspoken, objection to Corbyn from his critics is that he will actually attempt to implement the policies he has proposed. Now THAT’s radical. If you were to find one word most associated with Corbyn among his supporters it would be ‘trust’. How scary is that to other politicians? Imagine being judged by how much of what you said you actually intended to do? I don’t believe a word that politicians say but I trust that Labour under Corbyn would work to implement a more just and fair society. If you don’t, why?

Mocking the leader of the opposition serves many purposes and many masters. Obviously, those who would lose out if Corbyn reversed Britain’s headlong dive into the ruinous economic politics fashioned by Thatcher, developed by Blair, and being whipped to death by Cameron and May are not happy at the prospect. If you stop for a moment and think about what an abject disaster the Tories have been since 2010 and yet it barely touches the sides of the media and consider, in contrast, the endless negative press about the opposition, does that not strike you as remotely orchestrated? Even from the BBC. Even from ‘liberal’/Leftie media people/celebrities are happy to undermine the opposition even, as they do so, they are reducing the chance to unseat the vandalous and morally corrupt Tory government.

Labour has issues with its internal politics. There is no way of getting away from that. Those who oppose anyone as leader of Labour if it isn’t them rely on the general public just not being interested enough in Labour’s internal politics. It is the key sticking point for why Labour is such an easy target for the media. Ultimately, it will tear Labour apart. Financially well resourced, Labour’s ‘wreckers’ have influence in/over Labour far beyond their ideological/political support. Just as the Tories have taken over the Conservative party and reduced it to a shell that acts in the interests of a wealthy minority (and themselves), such is the ambition of Labour’s ‘wreckers’. The Tories are the Conservative Party’s ‘wreckers‘ and the core of the current Labour leadership’s opponents are Labour’s ‘wreckers‘, two sides of the same coin.

The confusion surrounding Labour is as a result of the loose association between the interests of Labour’s ‘wreckers’, the Tories, the media with contributions from the, frankly, either politically naive or disingenuous or both ‘celebrities’. But, mainly, Labour’s ‘wreckers’ the Tories and the media controlled by self-interested billionaire barons. When you hear or read a snort about Jeremy Corbyn, expect what follows to either be a lie, a smear, or, as with the recent tax debacle, a combination of both. You are meant to absorb the weight of negative press and media comment as if volume amounts to validity. If they tell you the sky is green for long enough, they hope you’ll just accept that it’s green.

Alternatively, snort back at them and join the Labour party in protest. If Britain’s opposition continue to be undermined as it has been then, when Britain has the opportunity to oust the calamitous Tory government, the opportunity may well pass us by, leaving us with five more years of our Wrecker Idiot Overlords. The ‘wreckers’ in Labour fear that the opportunity may come but be snatched by Corbyn and his policies and are working to present Britain with a choice of no opposition or five more years of the Tories.

What do you think will happen if we have an early election. Does is concern you? Do you want a genuine opposition or just the flip-side of what we have now?

*thankyou Mitch Hedberg

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