An initial thought on Chilcot, the media’s complicity, and how unholy alliances still corrupt…

So, Chilcot is out and, contrary to expectations, Blair has been resoundingly condemned. Calls for Blair to be tried for war crimes will gain further weight but, not being an expert in war crimes law, I don’t know that he can be proved to have done anything other than lying about the reasons for going to war. In no defence of Blair but politicians lying to public does not appear to be any sort of a crime.

For example, David Cameron repeatedly used his office to try and deceive Britain over him benefiting from tax avoidance. The public knowing he had benefited from tax avoidance was not a threat to national security, it was not in the public interest to hide the truth about David Cameron benefiting from tax avoidance, it was just embarrassing for him and his party and someone made the decision to have 10 Downing Street issue statements which were deliberately putting the interests of David Cameron and his party ahead of the British public. David Cameron and the Tory leadership used their power in office against the interests of the British public. The utter contempt for British voters of the Tory leadership was only matched by the utter contempt demonstrated by the media who were complicit in glossing over what the Tories had done. As with Blair and the invasion of Iraq, elements of the media consorted with the politicians to distort the truth and support a false narrative.

We can see the same occurring with the “coup” in Labour. The neoliberal bloc who have been briefing against the Corbyn leadership from the moment he was elected leader have utilised the same complicit, compromising and corrupting relationship with the media. Excellent descriptions of this relationship can be found in Peter Hitchens

‘The Cameron Delusion’, where David Davis was mauled by the media in favour of Cameron and Gordon Brown is shredded by the media likewise. Right now we are witnessing the same deceit by the “plotters” against Corbyn’s leadership (ironically led by the disciples of Blair) and the same media complicity. The “plotters” consider it just politics” to lie to the public, to set up stunts like Mann’s ridiculous antics (with TV cameras in tow) and Smeeth’s most recent ‘how very dare you’ mock outrage that didn’t get the traction hoped for because facts inconveniently got in the way.

(Originally written 06/07/2016)

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