All the way to the Trump House: 2016 rumbles on, adding Trump to Brexit, but surely there are lessons here?

It is a frustration of the non-racist, non-bigoted, non-xenophobic anti-EU Leave voters that their viewpoints are rolled up with the racist, bigoted, xenophobic Leave voters but, for an unexplainable reason, they don’t blame the racist, bigoted, xenophobes, they blame those who voted to Remain. Yes, absolutely, non-racist, non-bigoted, non-xenophobic anti-EU Leave voters do not have to act as apologists for the racist, bigoted, xenophobic Leave voters, just as non-terrorist Muslims do not have to act as apologists for terrorist Muslims, but the fault that their cause is viewed with such concern and has not been warmly received by Remain moderates is because of the racist, bigoted, xenophobic Leave voters AND, if you are a non-racist, non-bigoted, non-xenophobic anti-EU Leave voter then you should share the same concerns as the Remainers.

Just because Trump voters include America’s racist bigots does not mean they were wrong to not vote for Hilary Clinton. America’s whites may enjoy a privileged position within a majority white population but that does not mean that the majority of whites in America either feel any sort of benefit from any sort of privilege or actually experience any sort of privilege. You may be statistically less likely to go to prison if you are white and a million other statistics but all of that is just so much bullshit when you are just a person who is living a life that is not as good as what you are led to believe you are entitled to.

The truth is that the majority of whites in America have significantly poorer lifestyles than they should have because the 5% are stealing their better lifestyles from them. The problem is that the 5% use some of their wealth to convince the majority of whites in America that the fault that they are not living the lives they should is because of those over there, them, the ‘other’, the ‘anyone who is not the thieving 5%’. Some people (the racist, bigoted people) want to hear that it is the fault of the blacks, of the Mexicans, the foreigners. They want to hear that because it fits in with their prejudices, even when the price they pay for that is the continued theft from them of the quality of life that they are entitled to.

Other people accept the explanations someone like Trump is giving them because he is offering them something other than the same old rubbish that has never addressed the inequities that they experience/suffer. Hilary Clinton represented the same old rubbish and none of these other people remotely believed that Clinton would challenge whatever or whomever is responsible for their inequities … and they were correct. It doesn’t matter that Trump will likely still screw them over, will still offer tax cuts to the wealthiest, whilst slashing spending on people like them; Trump was at least saying that he was going to do something different and they decided they had nothing to lose by voting for him to see if he really would shake things up.

Neoliberal ‘monopoly’ economies, like those in the UK and US, with continue to exacerbate inequity because they function to concentrate wealth into a tiny minority and does so by increasingly transferring wealth from the nation to those individuals. The frustrations of those people who voted to leave the EU and who have voted for Trump will only ever increase whilst the neoliberal ‘monopoly’ economy persists. People’s lives will continue to get worse. The “establishment” are nothing more that facilitators for the transfer of wealth from nations to themselves. Nations/the ‘State’ creates wealth and any political ideology that denies that is simply attempting to hide the transfer of the nation’s wealth to privateers. In Britain, Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to address this and will not indulge the extremists, the racists, the bigots, the xenophobes while he does it and the ‘establishment’ will fight his leadership with every ounce their purchased influence.

The question is, are people (the moderates) prepared to embrace the simple truth that their lives are made worse by the type of economy we have, which enriches the few at the expense of the many, and are they able to put their prejudices aside (and, somewhat, their egos) to accept that only Corbyn’s Labour is offering a real challenge? The alternative is the continued indulgence and rise of the Right, with all that that will entail. I fear that our ‘liberal’ politico-media circus is too stupid to see that they are part of the problem, the likes of organisations like Progress or supposed ‘Lefty’ celebrities who have been convinced that a Labour version of Trump-lite is the direction Labour should be taking to make it more electable. Our problem is that we stopped listening to experts a very long time ago and now we listen to politicians.

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