After May Has Unlocked Lemarchand’s Box: What Next For Labour?

Theresa May has returned from the mountain top and cast her tablets to the throng. The tablets are bare stone. At, arguably, one of the most important constitutional moments in British history, Britain’s prime minister has handed the British public empty rhetoric and, what history will almost surely prove to be, deceit. A 12 point ‘brexit’ “plan” carefully crafted to offer the media its headlines but could turn out to be a Pandora’s box. And what are Labour going to do about it?

It’s a very good question. I am a supporter of the current Labour leadership and, putting aside the grubby attempts by usurpers and entryists to gerrymander their way to control of the party, the coming weeks and months will be the defining time for this leadership. The current leadership have struggles ahead. There is the matter of what to do about the usurpers, the entryists, the ‘wreckers’ and I don’t see how the leadership can isolate their influence but do so they must. It’s a waste of resources, time, focus, and energy but it’s something that has to be be done. Labour needs to get its message out there, it has the policies and proposals but the media ignore them or report distorted versions using the ‘wreckers’ as mouthpieces.

The problem of a biased media is not new and Labour have the advantage of new media to unlock it. That doesn’t mean Labour needs to start paying ‘social media gurus’, it needs to rally its collective troops and best utilise their abilities to get the word out. Clean concise messages that can reach people and that people like me can share. Labour is presenting its alternate vision for Britain post the EU Referendum and it needs to convince voters that there really is an alternative to the Tories/UKIP.

This is the time when the current leadership have to present clear ways for people to resist the Mayhem (and it’s not going to be by trying to get hashtags trending like ‘mayhem’). People want to resist what the Tories are doing; they, like me, just don’t know how best to. Labour can take a lead on rallying resistance. Get a million people onto the streets of London around Westminster, get millions more onto the streets around the country but do so with the clear alternative on display as well.

The Tories can revel in the mire that they’ve created because they don’t actually care and it suits them that there is such a mess. The Tories want to exploit the chaos that their EU Referendum folly has created, so they feel they have no need to tidy it up and they are the sitting government, so are in place to exploit it. They are wrong and Labour don’t have that luxury. Labour have to try and make sense of the maelstrom that voting to Leave has ushered in and it’s an impossible task. You can not make sense of the nonsensical. But Labour have to provide some sort of meaning amid the chaos and that is the job of the leadership. Labour could do without the distraction within the party from the faction that should have been excised two regimes ago but the situation is what it is.

The task faced by the current leadership of Labour is momentous, so no pressure there then, and it is possible that it can’t be tackled over the short term. I don’t believe that Labour will survive a third regime brought down by its ‘wreckers’ and can only hope that the public start seeing beyond the lies the Tories hide behind. I hope Labour can give them cause to.

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