8th June 2017: A time of opportunity for Labour

Despite the unquestionably tough time faced by Labour in the upcoming election, it is still a time of opportunity. It is my hope that those MPs who have been working against the party from within, who are still working against the party, even at this crucial time, will be rewarded by their constituents by losing their seats. Better Labour candidates will hopefully rise around the country to replace them in Westminster, people with genuine belief in Labour and the politics that Labour’s rejuvenated membership believes in. Labour has carried too much dross for too long, the current leadership have begun the process of reclaiming Labour from the wealthy ‘donors’ that plague British politics, shuffling their money around the parties, buying influence, tax exemptions and tax payer funded government contracts. Whatever the outcome of the 8th June 2017, it is my genuine hope that Labour will continue to move forward, lighter for losing the deadwood that has clung to it since 2007.

The wealthy, the privileged, the indulged who would rather undermine opposition to the ruinous Tories in government than consider the impact on the rest of us 95% (even those foolhardy enough to still think voting Tory is a good thing or in some way in their best interests) will almost certainly continue their petulant rants against Labour and the 100,000s of members right the way up to the 8th June. Bollocks to them and their self-interest. I hope the 9th June 2017 signals them finally paying their fair share of tax.

8th june macron

After ‘brexit’ and Trump, we were told that the march to the Right was inevitable but France has rejected Le Pen by a thumping margin. Britain can also step back from being frog-marched off a cliff by the ‘establishment’, it’s shills and its hirelings. The march to the Right, off a cliff, is not inevitable.

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