8th June 2017 General Election: Tories have shit the bed, asking Britain to clean up

Having caused havoc within Britain, assumed a throne undeserved, and facing the very real prospect of the Tory majority being wiped out due to the Tory Election Fraud, Theresa May has announced that she will be seeking Parliament to agree to a general election on the 8th June 2017.

8th June 2017

British politics has been in an utter maelstrom since the Tories ‘won’ a majority in May of 2015, they’ve been wrecking the economy since 2010, destroying public services, the NHS, Education with their long term economic ideologies, hangovers from the ruinous Thatcher years, and, having lost control through their handling of their disastrous referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU, Theresa May is finally attempting to cast off responsibility for the repercussions.

The general election should be in the autumn, the 8th June 2017 is far too soon, but is entirely in line with every misstep the Tories have been taking in government. What will be the message of the election?


Now is not the time for change. Now is not the time for experiments. Now is the time for keeping to the path we are on, good or bad. Now is the time to rally together.

Utter bullshit of course but I’ll wager that it will be the message the BBC churns out at every turn.

How the parties might fair.

The Tories can benefit by making their crimes with their Tory election fraud null and void, overtaken by events. The Tories will benefit from the message of continuity and Project Fear.

LibDems? They could see a bounce back of sorts. I’d expect them to get into double digits with MPs.

The SNP? The election could be used as a proxy independence referendum. That could work in the SNP’s favour or could work against them. It will cause confusion.

And Labour? Labour are in the most difficult position. CLPs should be permitted the authority to deselect Labour’s ‘wrecker’ MPs and replace them with Labour MPs, to move forward with, but the 8th June will not afford Labour that opportunity. We already have Labour MPs saying they will not stand in the election, sowing seeds of disruption for Labour. So Labour moves forward with a divisive element still attached. Labour have a party line on ‘brexit’, do they abandon it now? I say no. Labour have the only practical viewpoint, Article 50 has been triggered, Britain must renegotiate its place in Europe and its relationships with our EU neighbours but do so from a non-antagonistic and, ultimately, fruitless position adopted by the Tories.

How Britain might fair from the 8th June 2017

My hope is that, from the general election on the 8th June 2017, Britain emerges with a progressive government that can represent our interests. I also hope we see the Tories relegated to the sidelines of history, replaced with a Conservative Party that emerges from the ashes of what remains of that party and the destruction of it by its current Tory parasites.

8th June 2017 is an opportunity for Britain to shed itself of the burden of the parasitical ‘toryism‘ that has been hindering Britain since the late 1970s. Will Britain grasp it?

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