Britain’s Opposition: Resistance coming in from the cold.

I started commentating on Labour’s leadership tribulations last year and found encouragement on Twitter to start blogging about it regularly on Medium, the lead up to the Copeland and Stoke-on-Trent Central by-elections inspired me to collate, edit and write a small book around some of what has been going on in British politics for the past year, with an eye mainly on Labour but touching on the broader issues surrounding those two by-elections.

The positive reception of my book has inspired me to pursue some further political writing projects. The purpose of this project is to introduce a breadth to the current pervasive narrative that has grown to dominate Britain’s political opposition. My intention is, over the remainder of 2017, to write a slate of four books that I believe will add something that is missing from the discussion surrounding British politics right now. Britain is plagued by mainstream ‘fake’ or ‘junk’ news, which just serves those who wish to undermine any opposition to their interests and is propaganda masquerading as ‘journalism’; ‘reporting’ and ‘news’ is defining the narrative for Britain’s opposition and it is killing it.

It’s an ambitious project but one that I hope contributes to expanding the rather narrow political debate being held in Britain. We are being told that we can only have an opposition to the current Tory government if it doesn’t challenge the privilege of their established order. If there are voices remaining in broadcast and print media standing against this assumed ‘wisdom’ then they appear to have been silenced. I hope, with grassroots support, I can raise my voice against that silence.